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NickyEds Wed 01-Jul-15 15:18:02

I considered my ds weaned at 1. They can have 2g of salt from one but I've got into the habit of buying low salt butter, gravy and, well anything they do a low salt version of as a bit less salt probably wouldn't kill dp and I! Ds is 18 months now and I just give him a normal, balanced diet.

squizita Wed 01-Jul-15 09:44:47

You can feed almost all foods (bar whole nuts, honey and raw meat/fish/unpasteurised cheese) from 6 months!
1g of salt is the upper limit so basically if they've had a packaged item (bread, beans etc) one meal make the others either home cooked with no salt or a special child's product with no/low salt.

princessvikki Wed 01-Jul-15 07:34:13

You should be able to but it depends how he's doing with biting and chewing . Every child does it at a different rate. Just remember to be really careful of hidden salt and sugar with normal food. I had no idea how much salt was hidden in stuff like bread utility I started checking for my dd

moomin35 Tue 30-Jun-15 21:47:50

At twelve months can I start feeding my baby anything ie just regular normal food and consider him weaned now? I'm a bit confused!

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