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What do you give 8mo for lunch?

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LoveSnoozeButton Tue 23-Jun-15 16:15:38

Breakfast is cereal/ fruit and dinner is beef/fish/chicken with vegetables. I'd like some ideas for lunches though.

I've been giving him things like scrambled egg, yoghurt & fruit, carrot & apple, cauliflower & cheese, other mashed veg etc. I've tried frozen bagels and slices of toast but most of it doesn't actually gets eaten. Hes small for his age so even though I'm giving him finger foods, I also need him to eat something nutritious. Hes also refusing to drink milk, at most he'll drink about 5oz throughout the day from a bottle or cup.

Tell me it gets easier confused

lunalovegood84 Tue 23-Jun-15 23:04:48

At 8mo DS could manage the little tiny baby pasta shells. I make little portions of bolognese and freeze them, or for quick options I cook peas or spinach with the pasta and stir through Philadelphia. Couscous with whatever veg you've got is another quick option.

Artistic Tue 23-Jun-15 23:14:56

Yogurt with weetabix
Cheese on toast
Just cheese with fruit or eggs
Soft cooked rice with lentils & veg
Steamed apple with rice
Eggs (scrambled)
Mashed potatoes with other steamed veg & toast
Plain yogurt with rice

These are few things I've tried, usually goes down well.grin

soundsystem Wed 24-Jun-15 02:32:59

Pasta shapes with cherry tomatoes (halved), mozzarella balls/bits of mozzarella and courgettes


Fish fingers

English muffin pizzas (half an English muffin topped with chopped tomatoes, veg and grated cheese)


All served with steamed veg (whatever needs used up).

soundsystem Wed 24-Jun-15 02:35:33

Oh a surprise hit: grilled aubergine slices topped with Parmesan (that was a bare-fridge panic moment but they went down really well so are now a regular fixture!)

nailsathome Wed 24-Jun-15 03:31:55

Pancakes with grated carrot or corgette are good

paula93 Wed 24-Jun-15 12:47:40

Mashed banana and avocado always goes down well with my LO
Loving all these suggestions

MrsLeighHalfpenny Wed 24-Jun-15 12:49:12

What ever is left over from last night's dinner from DH and me!

Noodledoodledoo Wed 24-Jun-15 16:30:35

Sandwich thins made with cream cheese and ham
Avocado strips
Eggy bread
Scrambled Egg
Pancakes/Potato cakes I made initially with purees LO wouldn't eat - bit of flour and egg left over from eggy bread and fry - I now mash up sweet potato and have also used up Ellas kitchen pouches that we can't get in!
Cheese Strips
Tried Pizza's with sandwich thins but not a hit
Cold Salmon if we are out and about
Yogurt and Fruit

squizita Fri 26-Jun-15 09:49:54

Mine is small too ... don't worry they won't starve themselves!
We have the same advice - protein and fat all the way! My GP suggested weetabix with 50/50 milk and cream or evaporated milk (not condensed which is sugary).
Avocado and laughing cow as finger food.
Egg bread.
Red lentils with butter/ghee added when re heating. I batch cook this and freeze it.
Pastry - I use low salt pastry. It's fatty and you can top it to make little pizza style things.
Greek yoghurt or fromage frais plus banana and low sugar rusks.
Matzo crackers or rice cake with peanut or cashew butter.

Most often it's leftovers as finger food or sandwiches. Eg shredded chicken on the tray, spoon feeding mash potato with veg.

Oh and baked potato or home made wedges go down well fresh or fridge cold with mayo.

The only pouches I use are Ellas stage 2 (they have more meat/cheese than other brands) and organix fruit pots with chunks (which flavour porridge/bread/cream/Greek yoghurt well).

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