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8mo won't eat in the mornings!

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Drowsybutawake Sun 21-Jun-15 14:13:19

DS is 8 months, and has just started to refuse being spoon fed, which I think has made this more obvious as before we were sneaking porridge in when he wasn't looking!

I EBF and co-sleep, so when he wakes up he normally has a good feed before waking properly which lets me stay in bed longer so perhaps that is removing the need for food in the morning, but he pretty much refuses anything and then just asks to BF again when he is hungry/tired.

Then after his late morning nap he is happy to eat lunch and dinner with us.

Is there something I can do to encourage him to eat in the first half of the day? I suppose I could start refusing boob but I'm a bit worried he will miss out on nutrients that way as I don't know how much breast milk he is getting? Or should I put it down to a phase and ignore as he seems pretty content?

BunnyRuddington Sat 11-Jul-15 18:34:35

It is completely normal and he will get far more nutrition from your bm than a few spoon full of porridge smile

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