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Am I giving my 6.5mo too much quinoa?

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chocciechip Fri 05-Jun-15 15:06:57

DS is constipated. Initially I thought it might be due to formula because I dropped one afternoon BF for a bottle to give myself a break. But I've stopped that to test it and he's still struggling.

I'm feeding him purées. DD was entirely BLW 3 years ago and I was a total believer in the method. But obviously only because it worked for her (it seems). DS gags on the tiniest bit of texture. He'll happily suck food but will swallow nothing. This would not be an issue for me except his weight is dropping and he wakes several times a night for milk feeds, so I really think he needs the calories.

Purées so far are entirely vegie and fruit based (I eat fish but haven't yet introduced fish, beans, lentils yet). His purees always have quinoa in them as well, which makes a great base for everything else and I like knowing he's getting something very nutritious as well as protein. He also gets Aptimel porridge, which is fortified. And then I started giving him vits recently, as advised.

I give him water with every meal and his nappies are still heavy.

I've just read quinoa is a good source of iron. Can anyone advise if his diet is TOO iron rich and if this could be causing issues?

I'm really struggling. He was enthusiastic about meals but recently, every time he eats it stimulates his bowel and he tries to poo. Seldom succeeds, and then refuses to continue eating very distressed. We're going backwards.

WoollyHooligan Fri 05-Jun-15 19:59:13

Hmm not sure about the quinoa, but I bought a box of Aptamil porridge for my DD when we started weaning a few months ago and that made her quite constipated. Once I stopped it she was back to normal within a day or two.
(I don't live in the uk so it might not be exactly the same product.)

squizita Sat 06-Jun-15 11:49:15

Apple and banana are binding, as us any cereal (regardless of iron) given in excess. Also smooth purees more so than finger food.
We had a phase like this and pear, apricot, plum green veg, pulses in meals plus a bit of olive oil in the food helped.

Sansarya Wed 10-Jun-15 19:55:27

Congratulations on one of the most mumsnetty posts ever! grin

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