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Weaning prob - she won't open her mouth!

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sar7 Mon 03-May-04 11:00:30

My DD is 6 months and I have been trying to get her on to solids for a couple of weeks. She had chicken pox during this time so it all went a bit pear shaped but we're back on track now. But when I feed her, she just seems to suck the food off the very end of the spoon, rather than open her mouth. She seems to like the food, doesn't turn away or cry, but just doesn't seem to get it! Has anyone else had this problem? Should I just keep trying? Will she get it eventually?!

gloworm Mon 03-May-04 11:32:39

keep trying and she will get there! Have never had this problem though as both my have ate everything in sight from word go
how about giving her a plastic spoon to chew on?
(my dd also 6 mths and loves to do this.) it might encourage her to open her mouth and allow spoonful of food in.

Zerub Mon 03-May-04 11:58:55

She will get there. Seems like forever when you're doing it (weaning), but they do get there quicker than you think. You're just waiting for it to "click" in her mind - "oh, this is what the spoon is for!".

Try "one spoon for mummy, one for dd" with v. exaggerated wide-open mouth?

toddlerbob Mon 03-May-04 20:00:25

I still open my mouth really wide as I shovel it in, so I guess that's what I did to show him.

mummytojames Mon 03-May-04 23:24:06

two tricks i used on ds was one like at a dentist go ahh with your mouth open as wide as possible just as the spoons getting to hers she will try and imatate you if anything like mine then put the food in then if she startsdoing this then stops go oh well mummy will have to eat it trust me you never seen mines mouth open so quickly

SofiaAmes Mon 03-May-04 23:59:10

Had the same problem with my dd (my ds never had any problem opening his mouth for food..little piggy). As others have said, it really just took a few weeks of opening my mouth really wide, trying to get her to imitate it and then shoving the food in. Also, you can try to get her to laught too, that worked well with my dd.

sar7 Tue 04-May-04 08:11:06

Thanks for all the tips. Funnily enough she will open her mouth if I put food on my finger - but I don't want to be doing that for the next 6 months!

Spod Tue 04-May-04 10:19:22

my dd did this... starting solids recently too.... my mum told me to touch her bottom lip with the spoon, she'll open her mouth and then shove it in... it worked for long enoough for her to get the hang of things... she was sucking it off the spoon too....

MUSA Tue 04-May-04 14:15:32

my 6 month wouldnt open his month either, what i used to do was on the tip of the food put some desert on it, im sure he will then.

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