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How much milk does your 6mo have?

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Ducky23 Thu 28-May-15 19:47:30

ds is 6 mo and have started weaning the past week. (He's cmpi if that makes a difference)

Today he has not had as much milk as usual.

I was told he was having way too much for his size anyway (previously having 6-7oz every 2-3 hours) then it evened out to 6 x 7oz a day.

Last night he didn't sleep well at all. He seemed to think that 2am was a good time to start the day, so it might be because of that, but today he's missed a good 2/3 bottles.

How do you work out how much milk they need at this age? I'm just worried incase he's not getting all the milk he needs.

Bloody weaning.

katiegg Fri 29-May-15 16:47:12

My almost six month old has five 8oz bottles each day. Haven't started weaning yet, will probably be starting next week.

Ducky23 Fri 29-May-15 17:43:38

Thanks Katie, it's so bloody hard to know what's going on! grin

I know there's the calculation you can so to see how much round about they need but didn't know if that is the same at this age shock

CornishYarg Fri 29-May-15 17:49:39

DS had about 25-30oz of milk at 6 months when we started weaning. Once you reach 3 varied meals a day, ideally they need at least 18-20oz of milk per day.

Ducky23 Fri 29-May-15 19:58:20

Thanks Cornish, he is getting roughly 25-30 too I think he used to drink a lot more blush

ZarinaCG Tue 16-Jun-15 23:34:01

Give baby as much milk as he wants. As for mine, she point blank refused milk from something like 5 months onward and it was a struggle to get 10oz in her and most of that was in her morning porridge, baby rice during the day and home made rice puddings. It didn't do her any harm. I think I was the one affected by her refusal - the worry made me sick. She is a little light but strong as an ox at 10 months old. Make sure baby drinks plenty of water and has a varied diet. I swear by a reduced-sugar rusk once a day - it containts almost a fifth of a baby's calcium intake (I think...).

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