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Need tips for getting fluids into 7mo

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Mamia1552 Mon 25-May-15 09:27:32

DS is FF but to be honest has never been hugely interested in bottles. I had to wean him at 18 weeks as he was and still is underweight for age. He is generally ok for eating, loves beef/chicken/salmon/veggies/yoghurts etc but I'm struggling to get the recommended 20oz a day into him. He drinks some water with meals but most ends up on bib/floor. I'm spacing the bottles out between meals so don't think hes getting too much food. He gets cows milk in Weetabix/ Ready Brek and I try to mix water/ milk into anything I give him but I'm looking for other ways to get the fluids in....

00100001 Mon 25-May-15 09:35:11

Well, milk has fluids in, so do veggies and fruit. Some of that water us getting in him. He's still young

Is he still having milk in bottles? (sorry it not clear)

TruckYeah Mon 25-May-15 09:45:32

When you offer him water is it cold? My DD is 8 months and will drink water much more enthusiastically if it's warm, cold water tends to get sipped and spat back out.

FretfulPiglet Mon 25-May-15 10:02:00

I believe I read last night that 350-500ml milk is needed when weaning at this stage (Weaning Made Easy, Rana Conway ... I'm preparing to wean my 2nd child); so if he's having bottles he may be having all the fluid he needs, especially if he has regular wet nappies.
If he's not having much milk but likes his food you could try thick soups, milkshake (made with formula and yoghurt), risotto, casseroles etc.
It's good to get babies used to water, so keep offering it, it does go everywhere in the early days!

Noodledoodledoo Mon 01-Jun-15 20:52:01

Try different cups/bottles for the water. My little one is not overly keen on a sippy cup, so I tried a Doidy cup which is messy but she drinks more. We were away last week and was taking a small sports bottle out with water in to put in her Doidy cup and was a bit lazy one day and offered her the bottle and she loved it!

ThingummyJigg Mon 01-Jun-15 21:36:40

Does he have wet nappies that smell strongly of wee, and are very yellow?
Is his skin dry?
Is he constipated?
Is his fontanelle very low?

If the answer's no to the above, he mightn't be low on fluids at all.

You could up the milk and give him slightly less solids. Try fewer, smaller bottles, even if only a few oz at a time.

How much formula does he drink in 24 hours, on average?

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