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dh coeliac should i give 7.5m lo gluten?

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cantbelieveimonhere Mon 11-May-15 23:34:11

Hv says i wont know if gluten annoys
lo until i try!!!!
Dont want lo upset tummy unnecessisarily.
Has anyone given/withheld gluten when their is a known family history?
thanks in advance for your advice smile

Variousrandomthings Mon 11-May-15 23:39:10

I'd wait till over a year

squizita Tue 12-May-15 10:00:21

Check with your GP but current advice is not to wait till a year.

It's to introduce allergens one at a time allowing a week between of observing (3 days if no family history of that allergy). Ring your GP or HV to confirm though.

Lottiesmama312 Sun 17-May-15 00:00:23

I am a coeliac so is my dad, both my sisters and my bil!

I had the same advice from hv - "I wouldn't know till I tried", and this is what I followed. I would have been reluctant to avoid gluten all together anyway just incase my dd built up an intolerance to gluten if she had it so infrequently.

So to start I fed my dd "normal" pasta, cereals and bread, and have had no adverse effects!
Although she still frequently has the above gluten containing foods I have to admit most other things she eats now are gluten free as I cook that way so I'm able to eat with my little family. so for example cornflour and gf flour in pancakes,cakes and pizza.

Best thing to do is to try it - unfortunately will be the only way of finding out!

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