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18 Month Old Eating

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karmagetsyou Sun 10-May-15 11:30:54

So can you give me a rough guide of what you're 18 Month Old eats?

When weaned my DS would eat everything .....

Now, he only eats, yoghurts, porridge, toast, fish fingers, chicken goujons, chips ....

It's starting to wind me up confusedconfused

Any tips on how I can encourage better eating habits?

Thank you

DearGirl Sun 10-May-15 11:37:45

In the last week the 17 month old has had

Breakfast - Oatibix, wheetabix, toast, crumpets, fruit, yoghurt

Lunch - tuna sandwich and veg sticks, ploughman's (cheese,ham,olives,oatcakes,breads ticks, cold pasta) beans on toast, marmite bread and butter pudding, fritata, boiled egg and toast, cheese on toast, sweet and sour noodles, bolognaise, chilli and cous cous,ratatouille,

Dinner - cheesy lentil bake in filo pastry, spinach and philadelphia pasta, salmon and cauliflower cheese,

karmagetsyou Sun 10-May-15 12:21:06

My DS refuses all of that!

How did you get to that level grin?

Genuinely he won't let me spoon feed so I give everything to him so he can feed himself .... but just doesn't touch it.

Where am I going wrong????

DearGirl Sun 10-May-15 13:57:26

Oh don't worry there have been some meal times recently that dc has turned their nose up at what was offered despite me knowing they do like it.

Can you change a slight element of the meal ie
yoghurts; we offer plain Greek yoghurt but sometimes I blend in blueberries, blackberries or some sort of fruit
toast will he eat toast with beans etc, can you make toasties? Eggy bread? Would he perhaps try a savoury bread and butter pudding?
fish fingers, chicken goujons - are these home made? Can you whizz the chicken with something? Maybe whizz the chicken with some veg before covering and baking?

chips - would he try orange chips (sweet potato/butternut squash) potato wedges etc

karmagetsyou Mon 11-May-15 13:33:11

Great ideas!! Will give these a go smile

Thank you so much smile

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