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Confused and worried - advice please

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Bumb1ebeesknees Tue 05-May-15 17:14:34


I just went to have my baby weighed today and he has dropped from 50th - 25th centile in two weeks.

He is 7 months old, or 5.5 months corrected. We have been doing traditional weaning for a month now and have gone through all the fruit and veg and are up to two small meals a day.

He is breastfed and i have noticed my breasts have been a bit engorged some days as he is extremely nosy and distractable during the day, and just won't focus on a feed unless it's before he has a sleep, or in the night (have been coping with 45min up to 2 hour maximum sleep blocks day and night for the last 8 weeks).

The HV today said i needed to up his food intake at each meal, increase to three meals a day and introduce dairy, gluten and protein.

I'm worried about this as surely his stomach is only the size of a 5.5 month old and if he hadn't of been prem and we'd started with baby led weaning, he'd only be having little tasters still rather than three big meals a day?

cheerfullady Tue 05-May-15 23:00:25

Bumping for the more knowledgeable but from my distant memory (5 years since weaned my last one and that was blw) I thought up till at least 1 it was normal for them to get most of their calories from milk and you're better off upping the milk feeds in some way? You have my sympathy on the sleep deprivation too, that was me for a long time but we did her there in the end. Might be worth you contacting a breastfeeding advice line if no one comes along on here. My local nct one was very good. I hope you get some good advice.

chickenpoxpanic Tue 05-May-15 23:04:22

A drop from 50th-25th is normal - babies go up and down. It's only if they cross two lines (from 50th the under the 9th for example) that you need to be concerned.

jessplussomeonenew Wed 06-May-15 06:45:36

Could you try doing some daytime feeds in a quiet, dark room to minimise distraction? I've just started to use a fiddle necklace which might also help by providing entertainment while feeding.

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