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nappies during weaning

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dairyfreequeen Thu 30-Apr-15 19:59:49

a couple of weeks ago i started blw with my 6 month old, and its going pretty well so far, he loves it and is managing to eat little bits. Hes got allergies (cmp, soya, eggs) so im introducing other allergens very slowly. His poos have become really mucousy though, and i was wondering if this happens to other babies? it was one of the symptoms of his egg allergy but he doesnt seem to be causing him pain and i dont want to fall into the trap of thinking everything's a symptom! Could it be his tummy adjusting?

KirstyM2014 Thu 30-Apr-15 20:42:06

It could be. Could also be teeth? My lo gets poos a little like this when teeth are coming through x

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