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Weaning Poo - sorry if TMI

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mistyblue79 Wed 18-Feb-15 20:39:56

Hi all,

Sorry if TMI, but I'm hoping someone has some experience of this/ can offer some advice.

I have a six month old DD. On advice, I started weaning her when she was 5 months and we had no problems. She is steadily gaining weight and seems quite happy in herself. Her poos changed from the FF poos she was doing before but seemed ok (yellow brown and peanut butter texture). She now has 3 "meals" a day, most of which end up on the floor/ down the side of the highchair, but I spoon feed her breakfast. Her appetite seems fine and she has not been off her food.

Last week, I changed her to Aptamil stage 2 formula (previously Aptamil stage 1) and now her poos are brown/green but still have the same texture (like peanut butter). I am a bit worried, because I know green poo can be a sign of a problem. Should I go back to stage 1 and see if that helps? The poo doesn't smell any worse than before (just like baby poo but the smell is more intense) and she has no problems passing it.

At the same time, she has been grouchy for a few days, clingy and easily frustrated. She has a lot going on, as she is not far off crawling, has learned to babble (ba ba, da da etc) and appears to have sore gums- all in the last couple of weeks. I can only guess about the gums, because her temper improves if I put teething gel on them and I can see tooth buds beneath the surface at the front top and bottom, so I am putting some of her behaviour down to teething, but now I am worried in case it's not that at all, but some problem with her digestion.

Has anyone else had any issues with switching to stage 2 formula? Or is this a sign of an allergy/ teething/ something else? Or is it normal? Any advice would be appreciated. I am thinking of taking her to our GP.

dementedpixie Wed 18-Feb-15 20:43:34

Follow on milk has more iron so could account for the change in poo colour. You don't need to switch to follow on milk so I would try going back to first milk and see if it helps

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