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How much should 7mo be eating?

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CakeMakesMeHappy Thu 12-Feb-15 09:17:11

My baby is 7 months old and very enthusiastic about food. She's getting on very well with both finger foods and puree.
A typical day for her has been 5 bottles (approx 25oz of milk offered) though she probably drinks about 20oz.
In addition to this she tends to have baby porridge, a little bit of banana as a snack, then some puree for lunch and then finger food (fruit/veg/pasta etc) for tea.

When I spoke to the health visitor she said that DD will drop the milk of her own accord. She does generally make it very clear when she's not hungry but this seems like lots of foods.
Gone from a tiny baby I was worried I wasn't feeding enough to one who I'm worried I'm over feeding!!

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