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Dim question re when to wean

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squizita Sat 07-Feb-15 11:25:02

OK I got a good natured MN roasting when I thought my hv's miscounting of weeks/months was the proper way! grin So I may be being dim about this.

Basically my hv and Annabel Karmel book start out by saying wean at 6 months.
Then on the next page (Quick and easy weaning Kindle edition) Karmel is adamant baby MUST have her first solids no later than 24 weeks (or become a fussy eater and lack vitamins).
Well that isn't 6 months is it believe me I was told this many times on a past thread! Because that was the error my hv said doing an approximation ie 4 weeks = month!

So what's right? I just thought MN had sorted it out and it was wean at 6 months! grin
If you search my history you'll find the embarrassing thread! wink

ThinkIveBeenHacked Sat 07-Feb-15 11:27:53

I think that a fortnight isnt going to make much difference at that age.

LittleBearPad Sat 07-Feb-15 11:30:50

Either will be fine.

You should watch for the signs she's ready. Sitting up unaided, tongue thrust reflex gone, showing interest in your food.

this may be anytime around six months. It isn't black and white

Hakluyt Sat 07-Feb-15 11:33:22

And the first solids by 24 weeks or disaster is completely wrong. So ignore that bit.

gallicgirl Sat 07-Feb-15 11:34:40

AK talks rubbish.

Around 6 months once baby can sit up unaided and tongue thrust reflex gone.
DD had reflux so I was desperate for her to sit up so I could start weaning! This was about 24 to 25 weeks but I stuck to root veg initially and only introduced grains like bread and oats, a few weeks later.

MinesAPintOfTea Sat 07-Feb-15 11:35:05

Karmel is trying to sell her boss and food range to as large an age range as possible. She has an interest in you feeling pressured to be herring a balanced diet into DC early.

squizita Sat 07-Feb-15 11:51:42

Thanks all!
My plan is to watch dd closely after five and a half months and try when she ticks the "ready" checklist.
I was just nervous about what to do if I felt she wasn't ready at 24 weeks! Evidently fine to hang on a fortnight.

I do like AK's recipes BUT like many celeb chefs she seems to spout moral/health bollocks to sell her brand Jamie Oliver, Stein and Hugh FW jaccuse! grin

Hakluyt Sat 07-Feb-15 11:57:26

My dd took things into her own hands literally at almost exactly 6 months by swiping a roast potato off my plate and very successfully gumming it to death. Probably not the perfect weaning food- but it worked for her!

PuppyMummy Sat 07-Feb-15 19:41:47

I had the same! DS stole some cucumber about 2 weeks before he turned 6 months. I just started offering him some bits of veg now and again.
Once he turned 6 months I started adding other things in.

PenguinsandtheTantrumofDoom Sat 07-Feb-15 21:04:30

Try and relax.

Give food around six months. Baby will eat it. Or not. It isn't precise. How long would the human race have survived if we actually had such a tiny window for safely introducing solids?

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