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Help/advice needed to wean 12 mo DD off bf please?!

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LimesMum Mon 26-Jan-15 07:18:25

My DD has refused a bottle since 4 months despite me trying beyond belief. It has since taken me ages to get her to drink from a sippy cup type thing which she now does but only water - she absolutely will not take any formula or cows milk, just spits it out. I've tried and tried and tried.

We now do a 6am and 630pm bf and that's her only milk.

I am now going back to work which involves overnight and weekend shifts and there's no negotiating out of these sadly so I really really need to stop the bf.

Please has anyone else been in this position? How did you overcome it? She doesn't seem to take loads at bed time but it seems to calm her down a bit pre bed but first thing in the morning she literally is desperate for it and guzzles for about 20 mins non stop.....

Hope someone can help me?!

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