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HELP!! Weaning ... Hair falling out!

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Lauramay88 Sat 24-Jan-15 22:24:07

I just cannot get my head around weaning! Still think I have a touch of the baby brain, but I have so far managed to establish a "lunchtime" with dd, but am having issues trying to insert breakfast and dinner.

Bubba is a 4 hour on the dot kinda baby, has taken really well to foods and tastes and is loving every minute of it! Typical day, wakes at 7.30 -8 bottle, lunch at 12 lunch and bottle, 4pm bottle and then 8pm bottle. She loves a routine!!

I may be getting my self at it but I want to make sure she is getting all the nutrients she needs but am concerned about stuffing her silly with food every 2 hrs or so. She also has NEVER winged or whined for food, very content and happy baby.

Any advice on dropping feeds, inserting breakfast and dinner etc would be great fully received !!


Tia x

SlinkyB Sat 24-Jan-15 22:31:48

Sorry, you didn't say how old dd is? Between 6-9 months I think our routine was like this:

7am - 7oz bottle
8am - breakfast (porridge, weetabix or similar)
9am - nap
11am - 7oz bottle
12pm - lunch
1pm - nap
3pm - 7oz bottle
4.30pm - dinner
6.30pm - 7oz bottle

My ds's were always very routine driven, and 75th centile followers.

For a while it does seem like it's constant food/milk, but after a few weeks mine dropped the 11am bottle. Between 6-9 months it's more about introducing different flavours and textures imo (and having fun). From 9mo they start to crawl and use up a lot of calories, so more substantial sandwiches and meals were offered. I just keep offering until my baby starts spitting out and rubbing it in his hair or chucking it on the floor.

I've always done a mix of finger food and puree/mush, mostly fresh and home-made, but use pouches and jars when convenient too. I have two good eaters so far! (ages 4 and 1).

Just try to relax and have fun with it all - having the radio on and being distracted with something else (ie, not being too intense) helps I find.

Lauramay88 Sat 24-Jan-15 22:39:29

Sorry !! blush ( first time poster!!) she is 24 weeks, weaned early as she is a large baby, hungry and was ready! She has 9oz bottles and drinks them dry. Also she is on the 91st line, and has always been (big born too).

I was going to try a little brekkie is after an hour of waking but she is so ready for a nap at this point I'm very concerned about upsetting her ( trying to be mindful of masses of advice given)

I'm doing the same as you food wise, she loves mamas cooking but also happily chows down on a pouch too!!

Are there any signs that I should be looking out for when it come to dropping bottles?

Thank you smile

SlinkyB Sat 24-Jan-15 22:55:48

Is she your first then? (I'm only guessing that as you're still referring to her age in weeks, ha ha!).

Does she sleep all night? Mine were doing roughly 7pm - 7am from 3 months-ish (ds1) and 6 months-ish (ds2). Only asking as you say she's tired an hour after waking, tho mine were like this too I think?! They like to get up, have a cuddle, bottle, poo...then back to bed!

Wow, 9oz bottles and 91st centile?! Bet she's got some lovely rolls on her grin Mine only ever had 7oz bottles I think? Maybe you could try just giving her 7ozs when she wakes, then a couple of spoonfuls of porridge? Then again, at 24wks/6 months, I wouldn't be stressing about three meals a day. I think most people just do one or two, and just give them when best suits you/baby. You know when she's tired and won't want to try solids, just trust yourself smile

I'd say at this age just relax and enjoy, and let her take the lead.

Lauramay88 Sat 24-Jan-15 23:07:05

Yes!! Haha.

She sleeps 8-8 (love her!!) and has done so since 3weeks!! I couldn't believe it Tbft.

She is a long baby, and growing out of her. 6-9 already! Well proportioned and rolly poly!!

That sounds like a plan with breakfast, thank you for the tip!!

Karismatic Sat 24-Jan-15 23:10:45

I used the Gina Ford book, I know she is contravertial but she really helped with both of mine.

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