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First do I stop baby biting my nipple?

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Monkeybrain10 Fri 23-Jan-15 21:27:49

Baby is 6.5 months ...have just started weaning in last Month. He's v hungry. Am still breastfeeding - i wasn't intending to give this up for a good few months but he keeps biting me! What do I do? (Other than yelp and call him a naughty little bugger!!). don't want to give up bf but it hurts.

NomiMalone Fri 23-Jan-15 21:29:16

Have no helpful advice but watching with interest as 5 month old DS cut his first tooth yesterday and has already bitten me three times sad.

I fed DD till she was 2. Somehow I don't see that happening this time.


Ardha Fri 23-Jan-15 21:30:17

Each time, break the seal of his mouth on your breast with a finger, he should get the message that biting results in breast withdrawal. Having teeth is not a reason to stop feeding, but you do need the biting to stop.

Eminybob Sat 24-Jan-15 07:12:41

This happened to me for the first time. It happened when he was upset and then I screamed in pain and shock so he got even more upset.

He has his bottom 2 and although hasn't bitten again I can definitely feel the teeth when he feeds.

I always said I would stop breastfeeding when he got teeth but I'm not quite ready yet.

So, sorry, no advice but sympathy thanks

Innocuoususername Sat 24-Jan-15 07:20:47

I agree with Ardha, when it happens break the seal and stop the feed (just for a couple of minutes if necessary). He should get the message.

Also, it's easier said than done but try not to yelp or give any sort of big reaction, that can make it a funny game for them and prolong the agony.

Also be aware of when biting happens: with DC2 she bit at the end of a feed when she'd had enough, so by being aware of other signs I could preempt it to a certain extent.

IME of BFing both of mine there was a few weeks of this then they got used to having teeth and it stopped.

ClariceBeanthatsme Sat 24-Jan-15 07:33:23

I found biting happened every time a new tooth was cut, like they were just getting used to this new thing in their mouth then it just passed when they got used to it.

CaptainJamesTKirk Sat 24-Jan-15 07:53:52

Try to anticipate the bite if you can... With my DS it was always when he was coming to the end of the feed but staying there for comfort.

When feeding the baby won't bite, it's when they're happily sat on the breast but not too bothered about the actual milk that they'll bite.

If they do bite and you become painful again, did out the Lansinoh again.

Liondemer Sat 24-Jan-15 09:56:27

As Ardha and Vert say, break the seal and stop feeding. But I also read somewhere that you can said 'NO' firmly and that should help them get the message too.
My DD seems to think it's amusing to bite me. It's really gentle so doesn't hurt and I'm hoping that once she get used to this new sensation she'll stop.

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