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blW baby not interested in fruit

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BazilGin Sun 18-Jan-15 07:59:37

A bit of a dilema here, it's my second baby so I am not stressing over it quite as much as with DD1, but she was keen on trying fruit and veg and DS only seems to be interested in meat (chicken)and toast/rice cake.
I wonder if it is texture and dexterity related, because meat doesn't fall apart as easily so he can gnash on it for ages.
I go around it by spreading various veg on toast for him, but really I wonder if that's making more harm than good? Should I just forget bread for a while and try to get him used to grabbing veg and fruit?
He is 7 month old and breastfed on demand btw.

BazilGin Sun 18-Jan-15 08:02:25

i should add, the only fruit he seemed to get into were satsuma pieces. Veg wise brocolli was actually in his mouth. The rest he often just mouths and throws away. He hates bananas (handling them anayway, he is ok with them on toast).

CornishYarg Sun 18-Jan-15 10:53:19

DS struggled with fruit for a while. A lot of fruit tends to either be slippery so frustrating for them to try and pick up eg banana, or quite hard so difficult to gum and easy to gag on eg apple. We only really had any success with satsuma and strawberries for the first couple of months. Then as his dexterity improved and he got some teeth, he was much more interested in fruit.

I would keep offering fruit and veg alongside other foods but not stress too much whether it's eaten. The theory is that they choose the foods their body needs and as Point 2 of this article suggests, fruit and veg might not be high on this list while he's still having plenty of milk.

catchingzzzeds Sun 18-Jan-15 11:00:01

DS1 was extremely fussy so with DS2 I gave BLW a go hoping to avoid the issues we had first time round. DS2 wouldn't touch fruit or veg and still doesn't at 2! I get round it by hiding fruit in porridge fingers every morning and making drop scones with hidden veg a couple of times a week. Both recipes are in the BLW cookbook.

MrsHerculePoirot Sun 18-Jan-15 11:03:20

bazil I could have written your post! DD loved fruit, any fruit, and couldn't get enough of it or veg. DS on the other hand isn,t nearly so interested in it! I let him have a veg pouch for pudding on occasion to get some down him! I wondered if I let him have more things other than fruit and veg earlier than I did with DD? Or maybe it is just fluke! I find if I put things on his baby fork then he eats them...

BazilGin Sun 18-Jan-15 20:14:02

Thanks everyone for replies! He did actually have some roast veg today after he's finished with all the chicken, ha ha! It's frustrating a bit because we are on dairy free diet at the moment and if he is not touching much fruit and veg I feel like his diet is quite limited. I know it's still early days though...I am going to carry on as normal, offering fruit and veg alongside other things.
<Cornish>, thanks for the link, it put my mind at rest a bit.
<MrsHercule>, it could be the case, this is exactly what I did too. dD was given veg and fruit only for ages before I gave her other things. Mind you, she didn't see bread for ages as I was worried about salt content and I only just now persuaded her to eat sandwiches (she is 3).

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