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The best fatty foods.

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luckiestgirlintheworld Wed 14-Jan-15 20:58:41

My DS is almost 11 months and I've recently stopped BFing. He still has some formula and some cows milk in a day (maybe 10-15oz overall) but he's not massively keen on his milk.

The thing is, he's really active and is getting a bit skinny.

What foods do you give your DC that is good for fattening them up, but that is obviously still healthy?

MakeMeWarmThisWinter Wed 14-Jan-15 21:20:29

Don't worry about fattening him up! Lots of new walkers lose their baby fat quite quickly.

Part of the weaning process is them learning to recognise both when they are hungry and when they are full, so don't try to override that. Offer 3 balanced meals of decent nutrition (nothing low fat, not too much sugar, meat and two veg type stuff is always good) and let him work it out himself.

I have a skinny toddler and he's fine. Far too many obese children in primary schools whose parents wanted to fatten them up.

luckiestgirlintheworld Thu 15-Jan-15 14:49:03

Thanks. Sounds like good advice.

Jaffakake Sun 18-Jan-15 18:20:09

I think you've just to offer them a balanced diet and leave them to it. They'll have hungry days and not so hungry days. I have days where ds has finished eating what was prepared and keeps asking for more, my challenge being to keep magicking stuff from the kitchen without resorting to chocolate. Ds is pretty skinny btw. Kids are meant to be a bit skinny, it's just our perception has got a bit skewed over the decades.

I just make sure that butter, milk, cheese, yoghurt features in there. Ds is a bit faddy about drinking milk. Eg If I have cream in the fridge for another reason & I'm making him a pasta sauce I'll stick a tiny bit in, whereas for me I probably wouldn't cos I try to be a bit lower fat in my cooking.

Littlef00t Mon 09-Feb-15 12:00:53

I give dd plain full fat natural yoghurt every day. It's great having a pot in the fridge as I can use it for sauces and snacks whenever.

It says only good for 3 days but scouts honour it lasts more like 5-6 no problem.

toffeeboffin Tue 10-Feb-15 01:25:11

Just make sure everything you give him is the higher fat stuff, i.e, full fat milk, butter, yogurt , etc.

I add olive oil to meals too, casseroles, stews, when frying the veg and meat etc. Makes it taste better too!

CashmereCake Tue 10-Feb-15 08:33:45

Add butter, cream or coconut oil to his food, lashings of it! Babies need fat so no need to worry about using lots until over two. Also make sure he's having plenty of protien as part of his meals - eggs, meat, fish, etc. I've noticed a lot of baby diets are predominantly carb based, with a bit of protein and veg. If anything the protein should be the biggest thing on the plate if you are concerned he's too slim.

squizita Wed 11-Feb-15 14:42:52

Marking place ... long lean baby coming up to weaning! Don't want her to plateaux too much or the hv will have kittens! grin

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