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7 month old feeding advice.... Help please :-)

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Gavlarrr Sun 04-Jan-15 10:32:05

My 7 month old DD is currently having a bowl of porridge and some fruit at around lunchtime then a dinner at around 6.30 of Heinz baby cereal mixed with vegetables (butternut squash, carrots etc.) followed by a jar of fruit, with breastfeeds in morning and in between
She has always had abit of trouble with digesting food and pooing, sometimes going days on end with nothing and being unable to sleep for farthing and straining
My mum said I could try giving her her 'dinner' of vegetables at around 1.30 so she has all day to digest the veg and a smaller lighter meal in evening eg porridge or baby rice so it's easier on her stomach throughout the night? And maybe giving porridge for breakfast first thing too.
Does that sound like a good idea? Seems strange to give a big dinner meal so early in the day but I suppose it might help her sleep better? She goes to bed at 8.30
Any suggestions or what you do/did with yours, any ideas much appreciated!

KirstyM2014 Sun 04-Jan-15 15:41:22

I was always told that baby rice and porridge could make constipation worse as there stodgy. Maybe fruit would be a better option but yours mums right with a bigger meal at lunch time do there's extra time for your lo to digest x

Littlef00t Tue 06-Jan-15 22:17:13

Try prunes as fruit, and limit cereal if you're worried about constipation.
Back in ye olden days they used to have massive breakfast, smaller lunch and light dinner. Breakfast like a prince, dinner like a pauper was the advice I've been given so guess it makes sense for babies too.

No need for 3 meals at this stage.

Mummyk1982 Mon 26-Jan-15 07:07:11

When I first weaned DD she got constipated but as her digestive system developed it's no loner become an issue (9.5 months now). Dairy made it worse and on te GPs advice we omitted dairy for a while and haver restarted it since te new year with no problem. We always offered DD something whenever we sat down for a meal (so 3 times a day)- to begin with she would often just play with the food or taste it and then through it on the floor, but again as time went on she started to eat and now she has normal adult porridge for breakfast and some fruit, soup or a sandwich for lunch and then a bigger evening meal (last night it was a fish cake, broccoli and roasted root veg with a yoghurt after. We did baby led weaning with her- she controlled what she wanted to eat then- she knew if she was hungry, I didn't! I also avoided baby rices/baby porridge a I read something somewhere (sorry I don't recall where) that they're not particularly good for babies, and actually adult porridge is absolutely fine. I know from my friends who went down the traditional weaning route that porridge with mushed up banana is a favourite :-)
I'm not sure if this is helpful to you at all, but I guess I'm saying follow your babies lead- if food is making her windy maybe it is better to give her the main meal in the day so time spent moving around in the afternoon helps release any wind etc, making bedtime more comfy....

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