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9 month old milk to food ratio?

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badfurday Sun 28-Dec-14 11:51:49

My nearly 9 month old has all of a sudden realised what food is which is great.

I used to give her 4 x8oz milk per day at 8,12,4 and 7.30.

She is now having about 6oz when she wakes and a yoghurt or porridge about half an hour later.
About -11.30-12 i giver her lunch. Usually breadsticks, tomato, cucumber, cheese etc. Or a sandwich. I then offer her 8oz of milk about 1/2 hour later. Sometimes she takes it all, sometimes 6oz.
I used to give her milk at 4 but I'm now hanging on until 4.30-5 and giving her an evening meal and then milk after bath time. Is this ok? Too much milk, not enough?
She starts nursery next week so want to know what they should be offering her but I can't figure it out myself?!

ilovepowerhoop Sun 28-Dec-14 15:41:19

a minimum of 20oz is recommended between 6m and 1y so if she is getting that with her milk feeds plus any milk in foods and dairy products then that is fine.

Alixion Tue 30-Dec-14 09:20:27

Sounds similar to DS 10mo - he has:
7am 7oz
8am breakfast
12 lunch
2pm 7oz
5pm dinner
6:30pm 7oz

This routine has stabilized over the last couple of weeks. He has dropped his 4pm-ish milk as his interest in dinner increased. He had a fever and tummy upset for a couple of days and was less interested in food so we just added back in the extra milk. He returned to the above when he was better.
Sounds like you're doing very well! grin

Littlef00t Thu 01-Jan-15 20:30:13

Dd is having bf at 7am 4pm and 7pm. She eats loads of solids in between. When she starts with cm next week, she'll be having formula in a sippy cup for the afternoon milk.

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