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lightgreenglass Sun 28-Dec-14 09:39:08

My LO has been really fussy with his food over Christmas - this morning he had some of DH's oat so simple golden syrup and finished the whole bowl. I don't want to give him golden syrup porridge so would it be ok to give him the plain stuff and add honey/fruit?

He's nearly 16 months.

LittleBearPad Sun 28-Dec-14 09:41:17

Yes. It would be absolutely fine.

Cric Sun 28-Dec-14 09:42:59

My LO loves mashed banana in hers!

ilovepowerhoop Sun 28-Dec-14 09:43:44

fruit, jam and even yoghurt added to porridge /ready brek/weetabix gives alternative flavours

Doje Sun 28-Dec-14 09:48:07

Definitely! My 10 mo loves it. We buy frozen berries and add them while the porridge is cooking. Alternatively, we mash a banana into it.

JustTryEverything Sun 28-Dec-14 09:48:25

Adding frozen berries is great for kids as it makes pink porridge which is infinitely more exciting plus it cools it down really quickly. My DS has loved it since about 14mths. Porridge is a very healthy and cheap breakfast (using oats and not the pouches) and you can add all sorts of different stuff to it so it's a good habit to get into!

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