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6 month old refusing solids during teething

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songbird54 Wed 24-Dec-14 16:50:10

My DS has his third tooth coming and is refusing all solids this week. We had a great week of eating last week, and he was gnawing on cucumber, celery and carrot sticks and eating a good 5-6 spoonfuls of puréed fruit and veg at lunch and dinner. This week I tried him with some natural yogurt and apple for breakfast on Monday which he didn't enjoy, and ever since I've not been able to tempt him with any of the purees he loved last week, and he's also refusing even cucumber which has previously been really soothing on sore teething gums.

What's best, should I give it a rest for a few days and try again on Monday, or persevere with lunch each day just on the off chance? Don't want to make him miserable, and he is really not enjoying it the way he did before. Have I traumatised him with the yogurt?? sad

We have tried nurofen and bonjela before sitting down to eat, but it didn't make any difference. His gum is looking a bit swollen but not like the tooth is imminent any second, so could be a while before the pain settles.

Artifexmumdi Wed 24-Dec-14 17:00:55

Is he bf? I ask because I can tell you my experience relating to that, but I have no idea about ff babies. If he is, I found that when they are teething, they like to have a feed before trying solids or they just rely on bf for a few days. I think I also read that bm has an analgesic quality for when they are teething.

It isn't anything to worry about ime (I have 3 DCs) especially as he is only 6 mo.

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