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Large baby - when to wean?

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Hobby2014 Mon 15-Dec-14 15:03:01

DS was 11lb 7oz born and is currently around 19lbs at 4 months.
He has 4 bottles a day at 8/9 oz each and one during night at about 6oz.
He's weight gain has slowed right down, which I think is normal?
How do I know if I should change to hungrier milk or start the weaning process?
Advice is now to wait til 6 month and I understand that at first food will be just for tastes not nutrition, but concerned at some point he'll stop gaining and then I will start weaning and it'll take time for him to gain weight as he'll just be getting used to it, and will take time for it to become for nutrition IFSWIM?
Do I just carry on as normal and if he stops gaining weight do something? If so, what?

Littlef00t Mon 15-Dec-14 18:00:18

In theory just because he's big doesn't mean milk won't sustain him until he's nearer 6 months. Babies do go through hungrier times and personally I'd just increase milk on offer rather than start food as the current advice indicates that starting too early can set up allergies later in life.

didireallysaythat Mon 15-Dec-14 18:05:25

Not sure this helps but DS1 was 9-9 and he weaned at 8+ months. He was on lactose free milk and I didn't want to rock the boat. He'd have 5 8-9 oz bottles a day and we didn't wean until he looked like he was interested in what we were eating (smiling at toast etc). I think the advice (and this was 7 years ago so its probably all out of date) that until they are one, food's fun, ie the milk continues to provide most of the nutrition.

However all babies are different !

RandomMess Mon 15-Dec-14 18:08:39

My dd was 10lb6oz born and remained on the 99th centile for a loooong time, I didn't start weaning her until 6 months and she was fine and sleeping through the night etc.

They often have a 4 month growth spurt when you need to up their milk but you need to look for all the signs that they are ready. Sitting up well (supported), interested in other people eating, obviously hungry. I weaned my 3 youngest all pretty much straight onto finger foods!

Hobby2014 Tue 16-Dec-14 06:08:05

Thanks all. smile
He does watch what we eat and drink, which always makes me feel guilty when I then give him milk. How pathetic is that?! He's a baby....confused

Is it really obvious when milk is no longer fulfilling enough? Will it just be like a growth spurt, where he's non stop drinking but like, isn't a phase and goes on forever?

CurlsLDN Tue 16-Dec-14 06:17:03

Hi hobby, I'd really suggest you read the baby led weaning book by Gill rapley. It tells you exactly what you need to look for for readiness (as listed by a pp) and why. It also covers how to go about it all, and what effects it will have eg on weight.
I read it at around 4 months, and it really set my mind at ease and meant when we started weaning at 6 months it was simple and fun. He's 7.5 months now and demolishing his food

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