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Night weaning ebf 9 month old...Guilt

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shubaduh Sun 14-Dec-14 20:30:15

Hope someone can help!
Hubby and I would love to ttc no2 this spring but I'm still feeding our 9 month old 3-4 times a night (co-sleeping) and my period hasn't returned. We've looked into using Dr Jay Gordon night weaning method. I am feeling so guilty about depriving our son from the boob from 11-6...He is a happy little guy, eats loads of solids etc. I work from 9-3:30 and just feel so guilty about restricting access to boob even further...However age is not on my side, would love chn to be close in age etc... I'm rambling now but can anyone reassure me that he will be okay? ! And that he will take what milk he needs when he can get it? Apologies for the ramble...just feel so anxious and guilty! flowers

Littlef00t Wed 17-Dec-14 22:31:42

He doesn't need the nutrition, it's just habit. Promise! He'll be fine.

Victoria2002 Sat 20-Dec-14 16:17:28

There was a thread in ttc section on here a year or more ago about ttc while breast feeding. There are some herbal remedies etc you can try, one is called anus castus, I tried it and my periods returned. Obviously do try to look into it further and make your own decisions...i night weaned my ds at 7m with controlled crying/rapid return. I had to move him into his own room to do it. It worked in 3 nights but was very trying emotionally. He "should" in theory be old enough to make it through without feeding, especially as he's a good eater, but in my experience it's very hard for a co-sleeper not to "snack" at the boob all night. Co-sleeping is great for your bond and will really help you with extended breastfeeding as you are wirking.
ah ha! I found the thread:

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