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When to give milk

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AndWhat Thu 11-Dec-14 13:47:07

My DS is now 16months and he eats well and drinks water throughout the day. He currently has 7oz cows milk to settle to sleep (although he drains the bottle and doesn't settle) and I am considering dropping this bottle shortly. He has lots of yoghurt, cereal with milk and cheese so am not worried about the loss if calcium in the bottle.
I would like to offer him one drink of milk throughout the day and am wondering when best to put this in his routine.

At home he normally eats at 8am brekkie, 10-11am snack, 12-1 lunch, 3pm snack and 5pm dinner. On the days hes at nursery they offer a cup of milk with his breakfast and after afternoon snack. Should I follow their lead? The HV was useless and said a 7oz bottle before bed and at breakfast was needed. I thought this was too much though.

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