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Am I starving baby?

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Trying to get her to eat solids. She's nearly 11 months.
Routine is :
6,20. B f
8.30 brek. Oz cereal and a munch on a biscuit.
10 b f
11 walk in pram for sleep
1 lunch Oz cauliflower cheese and few mouthfuls soft cheese or avocado or hunimus
With formula but only takes Oz maybe. And bit of water.
5 dinner Oz of meaty smooch if lucky plus maybe few mouthfuls cream or grated cheese
7 both boobs b f
Up 3 times minimum in night.

Fairly obvious y she's not eating her slides I guess but don't really want to do the cry it out thing as in so tired now that I thinkj I would have a melt down. Any advice anyone? Desperate for sleep.

ashi123 Wed 10-Dec-14 19:30:51

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EmbarrassedPossessed Wed 10-Dec-14 19:32:18

Food and sleep may not 100% be related, although night weaning may help overall.

You don't have to do CIO/CC to sort out night wakings - there are a whole host of things before that you can try. If you have a DP/DH who can help, you could decide to only do a night feed up till 12 midnight, and then after that you can settle without feeding. Your DP/DH (or you, but it can be easier for the non-breastfeeding partner) can go and resettle and do whatever it takes to settle without a feed. You could do pick up put down, shush-pat, gradual retreat in any combination to get your DD to sleep without a feed. It may take a few nights to reduce and then stop the night feeds.

You're not starving her btw - if she was hungry she'd eat more food!

Jeffery Mon 15-Dec-14 09:56:08

My baby is 10.5 months and we have recently night weaning. She's only now has a morning and evening bf and eats well for lunch and dinner, breakfast isn't too good, but think she's full from morning milk. She eats what I eat.

We didn't do cry it out, we did anything to get her to sleep rather than feed, rocking, tapping, sitting by her cot holding her hand. I stopped feeding her to sleep in the evening too and woke her up for a story if she fell asleep. Its taken a week and she still wakes 2/3 times, but all it takes now is putting Ewen the sheep on and she goes off again.

Good luck op

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