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10.5 month hardly eating solids

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Desperate please help!!
DD starts nursery in Jan and she's barely eating solids. She'll have maybe an ounce of something home made per sitting on a good day. She'll try new tastes and likes quite a lot but won't have a decent amount.
I know it's because she's not hungry enough as I still b f her to sleep and when she wakes in the night. Is then only way to break this to let her cry it out? So desperate for sleep that I just feed her. And can't see a way out of it now. I sit her down to eat 2 times a day.
Been trying to drop afternoon b f but she just holds out for pre bed time one. Then we end up awake til 10.30 feeding on and off.
In a mess. Help!


I meant to type 3 times a day I feed her. Sorry so tired my eyes are bleeding!!

TrashcanMan Thu 04-Dec-14 02:20:54

Yep, I'm the same. 10 month old DD2, ff, still having all her bottles. Will nibble on a biscuit or rice cake, have a teaspoon or two of purée, yoghurt, mashed potato, etc but that's about it. She's happy and healthy though so I'm not stressing too much. Wish she'd drop the night feed though!


Yeah unfortunately were up about 6 times at least in the night. :-(. Oops. Double typed / posted I think. Can't really see without my glasses on so guessing. Teething right now do only an hours sleep so far tonight. Annihilated. Sorry for typos!

TrashcanMan Thu 04-Dec-14 10:12:01

Ah you poor thing, sounds horrible. Mine is a better sleeper, but still haven't had a full nights sleep since she was born. I remember with DD1 though that it does happen eventually, so am hanging in there!

strawberryshoes Thu 04-Dec-14 10:15:40

DD1 didn't really get into solids 'til she was 1, before that it was very much just bits and bobs. She was happy, healthy and gaining weight though so i didn't worry. I also bf her (all the bloody time)


Aw thanks all. Classic tired thing. Just typed a whole reply and managed to delete it. How ?!
Anyway she's now teething and got horrible cold so not a hope in hell of getting solids in her now.
She's also been constipated - well, not even hard poop - just none for a week, 2 weeks worst case since we started solids but we have a paedeatrician appt next week for that.
Now I understand why my Mum is such a worrier! (Tho I do remember her trying to make me eat peanut butter sandwiches after school when I wasn't hungry!)
Oh well. At least she slept for another 2hr 20 on the end last night thankfully.
Anyone hallucinate a little bit from sleep deprivation? It's kinda spooky isn't it ?

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