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Unbelievably fussy 10mo

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HumptyDumptyBumpty Wed 03-Dec-14 19:34:37

Is that even a 'thing'? My 10.5 mo is insanely fussy. She was great when we started weaning, ate loads, wide variety.

Now, she will sometimes eat okay, but mostly she refuses, or throws, or spits back out almost everything.

Today, she had a small bowl of porridge for breakfast, and a couple of spoonfuls of Greek yoghurt with fruit puree. Turned down toast.

Lunch: refused tuna and cheese sandwich - ate one mouthful (no exaggeration), refused apple (chews, then spits out), refused carrot batons entirely, ate a handful of grapes.

Dinner: refused omelette entirely, refused over half of each of four slices of banana - bites off a bit, then throws the rest, ate a fifth of an apple and cinnamon muffin (homemade), bit a tiny bit off a breadstick, then spat half back out. Refused anything else.

She won't eat veggie pouches, or meal pouches, only eats yoghurt and porridge from a spoon, nothing else, so we are finger foods by default.

The main problem, other than the waste making me see red, is that her poos are still like a pre-weaned baby half the time - soft, runny, explosive quite often. I'm not fecking surprised, she mostly doesn't eat enough to make them more solid. She still has four/five bottles a day, but she's big -10.9kg, very tall, and was 10lbs at birth.

What do I do? I'm getting annoyed and frustrated every meal time, and sick of having to make an extra bottle at bedtime because she won't bloody eat dinner. Obviously that's not a huge deal, but it has so many knock ons - cost, faff, and mostly the poo situation. I have to take two outfits out with us as spares, as its normal for her to need them.

I've had the GP test her poo twice, to see if there's a stomach infection or other reason for the poo situation, has come back clear both times, HVs say airy things about 'oh, just keep trying/offer what you have' which doesn't help.

Sure fire foods are grapes, mostly bananas (today was weird), porridge, and breadsticks. Grapes make her poo worse, so I can't rely on them for fruit/veg, but there are days when that's all she will take.

I'm so frustrated with the whole bloody business.

Oh, and before anyone asks, yes, she's been teething for months - we're up to seven teeth through, but it never seems to stop, so unless I just have to wait until all bloody 20 are through, it can't be blamed on that.


HumptyDumptyBumpty Thu 04-Dec-14 08:58:15


HumptyDumptyBumpty Thu 04-Dec-14 13:34:13

Hopeful bump!

Gerty1002 Sat 06-Dec-14 19:31:04

This might seem like an obvious response (my first was going to be teething as my Ds was fussy for weeks at a time due to this) but have you tried cutting back milk?

I know all babies are different but as a comparison, by 10mo my DS (born 10lb4, 98th centile weight until he started walking at 1) was only drinking one 9oz bottle of formula at bedtime and just two 5oz beakers through the day. At 6mo he was on 5 x 11oz bottles. He was always a decent eater, though, except when teething when he would prefer things he could gnaw on.

It's so hard not to worry, but if he's drinking that much formula at least you know he's getting nutrition. My DS has now gone the opposite way at 15mo and I have to fight to get enough milk in him.

caravanista13 Sat 06-Dec-14 19:44:39

I think current guidance is that 'food is for fun till one' - I'm other words, under ones are likely to be getting most of their nutrition from milk still. I really wouldn't worry about this - carry on offering a good selection but accept it probably won't eaten.

Hallloumi Mon 08-Dec-14 16:25:37

Humpty my daughter is much the same (and same age) and I am also annoyed by the poo situation (I was using reusable nappies and everyone said the runny phase on solids is brief but have now been in disposables since she was 7 months as cannot cope with removing runny but not bf poo from reusables). I have no answers but thought you might like to know you're not alone!

The thing I'm getting stressed about at the moment is how many different foods to offer at 1 meal. (She'll pretty much always eat rice cakes but obviously I don't want her to end up just eating those or to learn that she can hold out for them). Is she too little to be holding for them already? Also never sure if to offer milk after a failed meal or not (as she's often grumpy because hungry but refusing to eat anyway).

Hallloumi Mon 08-Dec-14 16:27:47

Also re the 'food is fun before 1' advice: surely they need a run in to getting more nutrition from food rather than milk - they won't/can't just suddenly switch at 1???

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