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Oral hypersensitivity

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CoodleMoodle Sat 22-Nov-14 16:05:46

Hi all, just after a bit of reassurance, maybe someone here has been through something similar?

My 8mo DD refuses solids. All solids. It doesn't matter what it is or how she's given it (e.g. spoon, spoon by herself, our fingers, her own fingers, pureed, mashed, finger foods...), she's not interested. With finger food she either picks it up and throws/drops it, or plays with it for a second before doing the same. If you try offering her something, say on a spoon, she clamps her mouth shut and shakes her head. We started weaning her at about 6mo, and she ate one bowl of porridge that day. It got less and less until we reached the point if absolute refusal.

She came down with a viral infection recently and went off her bottles, had awful runny nappies, was up all night screaming, etc. We were sent to the paediatrician who put her on Nutramigen 2 as she's apparently developed a slight intolerance to lactose due to the infection, which is common. Previously she was on Aptamil Pepti 1 for CMPI. She's a lot better since being on the Nutramigen, and hopefully it's only for a few weeks.

After this I spoke to the dietician, who said it sounds like she's hypersensitive about her mouth, and I think she's right. She's never put toys in her mouth. Sometimes she rubs her face against her muslins or favourite toy dog, but for the most part she HATES anything else touching her mouth. She doesn't like anybody getting too close, and often moves away if you do (for kisses and so on). Sometimes however she'll let you tickle her by kissing her cheek/neck, but very rarely.

And even though "food is for fun" and all of that, we're all a little bit concernehd about this. The dietician said to keep trying to touch her face with different things, which we're working on, but she clearly hates. She is, however, very interested in food (has been for months) and shouts until you give her something from your plate!

Has anybody ever experienced anything like this? Sorry for long post, didn't want to leave anything out.

FeelingIrie Sun 23-Nov-14 21:50:39

Hi Coodle.

No suggestions sadly but just wanted to offer support as in a similar boat. I have a 7 month old who also refuses solids so far. It's not exactly the same though, as she will put stuff in her mouth (toys etc) and sucks finger foods, but the moment anything goes mushy and becomes swallowable, she spits it out. I have the same issue as you with spoon feeding - she clamps her mouth shut and if I do manage to get something in she pulls a really disgusted face the moment she tastes something (and I've tried all sorts) and spits it out.

I've been trying not to stress about it but it's really hard not to. She was 4 weeks early so trying not to panic as her adjusted age is therefore 6 months but I've been trying solids on and off now for aloud 2 months and can't help but be concerned. So, not really got any advice but wanted to let you know you're not alone in struggling with weaning. I do hope someone comes along with some advice for you.

Has anything happened that might account for your DDs oral sensitivity? I have had to give my DD vitimins via oral syringe 2x daily since birth due to her being slightly prem, and she really hates having them, I have wondered whether the food refusal might be linked.... She was also a big time bottle refuser for a while and still isn't hugely into feeding.

It's tricky and you have my sympathies. Fingers crossed someone comes along who has experience/advice to share that will help.

Take care.

Theas18 Sun 23-Nov-14 22:04:44

Are you saying your dad puts nothing in her mouth ever other than a bottle? She doesn't chew her hands/fingers / suck fingers or thumbs?

How is the rest of her development ? Might be an odd question but does she reach/ grab toys, pass hand to hand etc? I can't work out how a baby learns what their hands do without mouthing them, and the same with toys - the use mouthing to learn about what something does/ is. Does she not even pop a plastic spoon( empty) in her mouth?

Worth asking your paed as well as the dietician I think.

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