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Weaning - what do I need?

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moomin35 Fri 21-Nov-14 13:57:01

Will be weaning at 6 months old, planning on feeding vegetables and fruits puréed at first but what do you recommend I need in terms of tubs/spoons etc. Also what does a baby drink when being Weaned? How many bottles of milk does good replace in one day and when do I feed my baby milk and when do I feed them food? Sorry totally clueless first time mum here!!

EmbarrassedPossessed Fri 21-Nov-14 17:45:31

When you start weaning, don't worry about replacing any milk feeds with food for a good while. Food is complementary to milk not instead of until babies are eating 3 meals a day (at around 8 to 9 months), when you can start to reduce milk following your child's needs. So when they seem less interested in a milk feed you can drop it.

Current advice is to offer food about an hour after a milk feed. Start with one meal a day and then add a second once the first is established. Move to 3 meals at around 8 to 9 months. From when you start weaning you can offer a small amount of water with meals, in a free flow sippy cup. Not much will be drunk to begin with, it's more to get the hang of drinking water from a cup.

Littlef00t Sun 23-Nov-14 15:55:29

Stuff wise I got:

High chair hauck beta + as it has a foot rest and grows with your baby
Bib - bibetta bib with sleeves plus tea towel around waist totally keeps food off clothes (you'll need at least 2)
Cup - tommy tippee basic cup (buy a couple)
Long spoons, self-feeding spoons
Big mat for under the high chair, I just got a round plastic tablecloth that was on sale

I actually got a few useful spoons and pots from the poundland shop.

Littlef00t Sun 23-Nov-14 15:57:29

Dd quickly dropped a feed as they were nudged later due to food filling a gap, and properly dropped a morning feed at nearly 9 months when milk merged with lunch a few times.

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