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Does this sound like too much?

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blushingmare Thu 06-Nov-14 22:09:10

Just started weaning 6mo DS this week. Doing a combination of finger foods and then pureeing a bit of whatever DD is having, for him to flick around the kitchen suck off the spoon. I hadn't planned to start on 3 meals a day, but he gets so cross when DD is eating and he's not, that giving him a little something at each mealtime keeps him quiet. But I have noticed today he's been much less interested in BF, and I feel quite full. I really don't want him to be reducing his milk intake just yet - I mean, we've literally only started a few days ago - surely that's way too soon?!

I don't feel like he's eating huge amounts as most of it doesn't get swallowed. But this is (very approximately) what he's eaten today - does it sound too much?

A little finger of banana. About 10 spoons of banana & blueberry purée.

About 5 spoons of butternut squash soup. 2 segments of satsuma (juice sucked out and membrane spat out!).

A floret of broccoli (mostly just sucked on and not really eaten). About 5 spoons of broccoli & potato purée.

EmbarrassedPossessed Thu 06-Nov-14 22:13:02

If all of the spoonfuls were eaten, it does seem a little bit much for just starting. You could try just giving him your DDs food as it is (not pureed) and let him try to self feed. That would keep him occupied at meal times, and probably less would go in.

blushingmare Thu 06-Nov-14 22:23:16

Yeah that's probably what I should do. I'd planned not to puree at all, but his sleep has been absolutely terrible recently, I wanted to see whether a bit of solids would help, so have added some pureeing to get a bit more into him. Probably gone too far he other way, although it has in fact helped his sleep - sigh. Maybe I'll just add puree at dinner time and finger foods the rest.

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