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Weaning a baby when you've got a fussy toddler

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FrancesPow Sun 02-Nov-14 18:13:29

My DD is 10 months and a pretty good eater. I've been doing BLW with her as she isn't very keen to be spoon-fed. She loves pasta, risotto, strips of meat and vegetables. The trouble is my 3 year old DS won't eat any of those things. He was a brilliant eater until he was 2 but since then his diet has got more and more restricted so now he only eats breaded stuff like fish fingers, chicken nuggets, chips, sandwiches and very little else. When I try to get him to be more adventurous he just refuses to eat it.

The trouble is I'm a reluctant cook at the best of times and the idea of making two meals do she doesn't only eat stuff that comes out of the freezer aisle is not too appealing. Can anyone suggest any dishes for fussy eaters they might both enjoy?


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