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Help! Confused ;-(
My 9 month old isn't that interested in solids - we started at 5 1/2 months and she'll take maybe an oz of something for dinner, break and lunch is hit and miss.
I go back to work at the start of Jan so really need her to be taking a decent amount of solids as she won't take formula from a bottle / beaker either. (She will take expressed milk / water but ideally I don't really want to still be expressing when back at work) The last few days I've been holding out on the breastfeeds for longer as I was advised she'd eat more if hungry enough- so more like 4 hours -but now she's still not taking that much food and not bf either! So it's like daytime is for (not quite) eating solids and night time is for breastmilk. So still no sleep but that's another issue!!
My main concern is will my supply drop if she mainly feeds at night or will it just peak at different times? Should I be expressing during the day?
Has anyone else experienced this?
So bamboozled right now.......
Any advice welcome!

ClearlyMoo Wed 12-Nov-14 22:47:05



Still in a rut! Now with added teething!! All thoughts welcome.
Desperate now as weighed in at only 25 th percentile but height is 76th.


Guaranreed way to get your baby to sleep tonight!!
Not really but now I hVe your attention any ideas onmy original post?
Please help. no one likes a skinny baby.

EmbarrassedPossessed Sat 29-Nov-14 20:58:04

Are you spoon feeding or is she self feeding? What sort of food are you offering her?

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