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which bib have you got for your messy baby?

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Toowittoowoo Wed 09-Jul-14 09:48:08

As I can't seem to find one that works. I used the boots rubbery one with the bowl bit at the bottom for DD1 and then moved onto the ikea sleeved ones when she got a bit bigger. DD2 on the other hand is so messy that the boots one just doesn't cover enough for her - she managed to get strawberries all over her back this morning!

I've tried the ikea ones but they are huge and still fit DD1 who is 3.5 yrs.

In desperation I have been feeding her wearing only a nappy but she now has a rash all over belly from the food so I'm going to have to find something!

Any ideas?

BeyoncesCat Wed 09-Jul-14 09:52:43

I use all over ones, you know arms covered as well, from the pound shop. Or the wide printed ones from asda

donkir Wed 09-Jul-14 13:23:25

Instead of a bib can you not use an old vest to feed her in?

MissRatty Wed 09-Jul-14 16:50:05

Ugh...which bib HAVEN'T we got! Same problem here. I find the Ikea ones good if you roll the sleeves over a few times up the arm. Although LO is so messy sometimes (in this weather) we just feed him in only his nappy! Bought a shower curtain in Ikea for £1.35 which we cut into four and put under the highchair to catch what doesn't get smeared into his hair/skin/ears...

FreeButtonBee Wed 09-Jul-14 16:54:40

bibetta neoprene ones with sleeves. They are excellent and not too big. They have a wide section over their back and good long velcro bit at the neck. definitelt recommend. Expensive but 2 should do you - quick 30 min wash in the evening and they dry on the back of the highchair overnight.

geekaMaxima Wed 09-Jul-14 21:09:15

Silly Billyz long-sleeved bibs, the ones with the snuggle neck to stop food falling down the inside.

The price made me wince at first but I tried one in desperation when all the cheapie long-sleeved bibs just didn't last... some had their PUL backing disintegrate in the wash, some lost the stickiness on the velcro neck fastening and wouldn't stay closed, some had the elastic in the sleeve stretch or snap so DS's clothing sleeves kept getting covered in food, etc. confused

The Silly Billyz bibs are great, really durable - I have 3 in rotation as they wash well and dry quickly. Wish I'd got them from the start...

purplemurple1 Wed 09-Jul-14 21:11:09

We just alternate a couple of my old tshirts quick rinse and dry over night.

Artandco Wed 09-Jul-14 21:14:27

Baby bjorn long sleeve- they are big like ikea ones though but they have cuffed elastic at wrists so you can just have baggy arms but fitted at wrists. Lasts ages as my 4 year kid still wears for painting

NorahBone Wed 09-Jul-14 21:25:26

Supermarkets are quite good for the long sleeved ones.

leedy Thu 10-Jul-14 15:44:21

Seconding the Silly Billyz - they're pricey but they last.

callamia Thu 10-Jul-14 15:51:04

Sleeved ones from John Lewis are great. Also have two sleeved ones from Kiddicare, also good. DS is 9m and I've used them since 6m. Definitely growing room in them, but they don't swamp him.

smokeandfluff Sat 12-Jul-14 13:22:44

I'm using the ikea ones, they swamp ds, but I roll the sleeves up. Only bib that has a chance of keeping food off him.

SweetPeaPods Sat 26-Jul-14 14:27:27

We have some long sleeved ones from sainsburys that are good.

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