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Weaning equipment?

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Bunnymummy82 Tue 22-Apr-14 08:24:50

Feeling quite clueless about weaning; baby is 5.5 months so need to start thinking about it! What sort of kit do i need? Sippy cup, plastic bowl/plate, spoons? Are there particular types or brands to go for? Am also going to order Annabel Karmel book. Any advice appreciated, thank you!

ThinkIveBeenHacked Tue 22-Apr-14 08:27:47

I went straight to finger foods, so had Bumboo seat and tray with a plastic mat under, a tommy tippee sippy cup (£1 in poundland), and a handful of spoons for later on.

I like Asdas own picnic cutlery (not specifically childrens) as they are curved well to pick them up and use. Also just got their plain picnic plates for when we went out and I couldnt just put stuff onto a hughchair tray.

Never used bibs - just tucked a muslin around the neck of their tshirt or took tshirt off all together.

CornishYarg Tue 22-Apr-14 09:08:17

The things I found useful were: splash mat under the highchair (actually a cheap washable shower curtain), sippy cup and a cover all bib. We also went straight on to finger foods.

My main advice would be not to buy too much before you start. I was all set with an Annabel Karmel book and lots of plates/bowls/spoons, only to discover that DS wanted nothing to do with being spoonfed and liked his food straight from the highchair tray! At least I didn't go the whole hog and buy a special blender and freezing pots.

callamia Tue 22-Apr-14 09:13:04

We've got the ikea highchair, and some spoons. I've not bothered with a bowl yet - he'd chuck it on the floor anyway.

I'm not that fussed with the AK stuff - it seems very geared toward sweet foods. My DS has been good with cucumber and watermelon sticks (great for teething) and bits of whatever we are having. I am getting some sleeved bibs though, he's fairly messy with it all. I agree not to get too much beforehand - they eat so little to start, just see what seems to work for you.

Bunnymummy82 Tue 22-Apr-14 09:42:58

Awesome thanks for the advice! What did you start with? I am stressing because we suspect cows milk intolerance/allergy and she's EBF at the mo but I don't seem able to express more than 10 or 20 ml these days so I don't know what to mix baby rice with?? Or shall I just try with finger foods rather than mush? She still seems so little, I am nervous about giving her mush let alone actual food! She sits in her high chair quite well tho so not worried about that aspect.

SweetPeaPods Tue 22-Apr-14 09:48:51

My ds refused finger food and would only eat purée so each baby is different.
The tommee tippee cup is good with the 2 handles and flip spout. I bought 4 or 5 different ones, and this is definitely the most popular with babies round here.
The tommee tippee spoons are good too, nice long handle.
We started with fruit purée, so pear, apple etc. ds hated baby rice.
Then moved onto veg purée like sweet potato, carrot etc.

Bunnymummy82 Tue 22-Apr-14 09:53:01

Thanks! Can feel a trip to tesco coming on to get all the kit we need! Thank you so much for your advice all xx

SweetPeaPods Tue 22-Apr-14 10:41:50

I got a lot of ours from aldi. They had a baby event on but might still have some stock, worth looking.

callamia Tue 22-Apr-14 19:26:54

I refuse to buy baby rice. I made porridge with breastmilk (you only need a bit - at first they're bit going to manage much. You might even get enough through hand expressing?). You'll still be bf'ing about as much as usual, so just trial stuff out and don't worry if nothing seems to get eaten. In a week, my ds went from gumming aimlessly on things to swallowing down dhal and rice. A mix of finger foods and some spoon feedings of things like porridge and pasta sauce have worked well for us. Steamed carrots and broccoli, cucumber, watermelon and mango have all worked well as finger food. They will go on the floor, so having some PVC down will mean you can pick them up a few times. It's all good fun - you don't need to stress in these early weeks, it's all about then trialling and learning about what food feels like in their mouths.

trilbydoll Thu 24-Apr-14 16:37:14

The long sleeved bibs from Poundland are good, plastic ones get all bunched up and in the way, material is better.

Small spoons are best, we have some useless giant ones from Boots, don't get them!

I didn't bother with baby rice or baby cereals, but can recommend the Alpro soya/almond milks, they go down well with weetabix and porridge. And we make pancakes with it too.

MaccaPaccaismyNemesis Thu 24-Apr-14 16:43:14

Ikea sleeved bibs, ours are 2 years old and still going strong. Soft tipped spoons (I have about 400 blush), plastic bowl and plate. Ikea highchair.

The patience of a saint.

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