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Crying and back-arching whilst feeding (solids)

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IWorshipSatin Sat 12-Apr-14 12:43:38

DD (10mo) seems really uncomfortable whilst feeding. It seems to be getting worse and it's now at the point where she doesn't want solids at all but is hungry and will take milk.

She was diagnosed with reflux ages ago but I thought they grew out of it? She doesn't vomit-by-default any more. She's still on ranitidine and domperidone but only small doses for her size.

I have started weaning down the infant gaviscon in the last few days but only on her first bottle of the day so wouldn't think this would be the cause?

She is dairy intolerant and although I keep testing her, she has had no dairy for the past few days. However she seems particularly uncomfortable today and I don't know why.

IWorshipSatin Sat 12-Apr-14 12:47:03

Sorry I was trying to edit but it posted instead blush
By 'uncomfortable when feeding' I mean lots of crying, back-arching, refusing to open mouth.

Could it be teething, reflux, or something else? I never had this with my older DD but she was BLW and didn't have reflux or dairy allergy so I can't compare. I feel absolutely clueless.

She was doing pretty well with solids but lately it's just a battle sad

jessw25 Sun 20-Apr-14 20:50:22

Didn't want to read and run because it sounds like you need some support! Sounds like something to check with both your HV and your doctor? If it's accompanied by drool, red cheek and more general fussiness then it could be teething because when my 9 month old has had bad teething days, he's been randomly awful in his high chair, lots of crying, head turning away from spoon and not wanting any of his his usual solids. Sending you lots of best wishes and hope it improves x

chocolatesolveseverything Wed 23-Apr-14 03:11:59

Could it be wind? My ds can get really windy, even with solids.

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