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Cows milk v formula

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Rico08 Thu 10-Apr-14 13:00:17

My Dd is 11 months old and has really gone off her formula (Enfamil AR for reflux). She had dropped to 2x 210ml bottles but is drinking less of it some days. We've tried giving her it in a bottle & cups. She has had cows milk in food/on cereal and has been ok with it.

What's your opinion on giving her the morning/night formula but introducing cows milk as a drink during the day. Some days she doesn't seem to be getting enough formula


ilovepowerhoop Thu 10-Apr-14 15:52:57

at that age I would say it is fine to offer some drinks of cows milk

Novia Thu 10-Apr-14 16:00:58

My DD is a year old. We went straight onto cow's milk on her cereal when we started weaning (5 months) and she has been having 150ml of cows milk morning and night for the last month (would have been earlier but she was still BFing so wasn't interested.) Guidelines are up to 350ml per day of milk at 1 year. We skipped formula and haven't needed it. You need to give a vitamin supplement if you just give cow's milk though.

If your DD is now on normal food and has milk morning and night does she really need milk during the day as well though? We only give water during the day (she drinks about 1.5 cups per day).

Rico08 Thu 10-Apr-14 17:07:42

Thank you

I was just thinking of giving her a drink of milk during the day as a "top up of milk" as for the last couple of days she's not drunk much formula.

Usually has water or well diluted fruit juice during the day


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