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Vitamin supplements

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TheOtherSideOfSilence Wed 09-Apr-14 09:09:52

Any ideas on a vitamin supplement babies will actually swallow?! I am breastfeeding alongside weaning and have been advised to give supplements, for vitamin D in particular. My baby seems to have other ideas, however. I have tried giving her Wellkid but she spat it all out (and then chucked up her breakfast for good measure). I just tried mixing it into her porridge but she wasn't fooled. Pulled a hilarious face, spat it out and flat out refused any more.

Maybe it is just the flavour of that brand but they are quite expensive so I don't want to buy loads of different ones if I can help it. Have you tried any other brands that your baby likes?

My DD is 7 months and happily eating lots of different foods, both purée and finger food.

Rowboat Wed 09-Apr-14 10:26:44

We used abidec drops from around 6 months. it's only around 0.3ml I think and if you use a syringe to drop onto her tongue it should be ok.

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