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Too much fruit?

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BonaDea Mon 07-Apr-14 23:06:47

DS is 12 months old and we're doing blw. He has two breastfeeds a day, morning and evening, and one bottle of cows milk - usually about 200ml.

He is a good eater for the most part and has basically what we eat for his meals. I have notice that he is eating a lot of fruit and I'm wondering if it is too much and especially too much sugar

As a minimum he will usually have a banana with breakfast, then a piece of fruit after lunch or dinner with or without yoghurt. But for example today he had a banana, a tangerine and some grapes at breakfast (along with toast), a tangerine and some grapes after lunch, another banana, a few grapes and half a pear while waiting for dinner and then an apple (fried in butter and cinammon) for pudding. Reading it back it seems a crazy amount. Between all that he's had good meals of pasta with veg and cheese sauce for lunch and a cheese and tomato omelette for dinner.

Thoughts? Am I creating a monster?

carolinementzer Tue 08-Apr-14 09:23:48

I love blw, did it with my daughter though I think more went on the floor than in her mouth in the early stages. As a nutritionist I do get asked how much fruit and veg a little on should have.

Too much fruit can upset a young tummy and contribute to a sweet tooth and tooth decay later on. That said it's not like you're feeding him chocolate and sweets all day. It sounds like he's having a balanced diet and it's great that you are still b/feeding.

As a rule, I'd aim to have twice as much veg than fruit in the day - so 1-2 portions of fruit and 3-4 portions of veg would be a good aim. You could offer cucumber/pepper sticks or mashed avocado whilst waiting for dinner for example. You could also use vegetables as a creative pudding - e.g. mashed cinnamon sweet potato is yummy. Good luck with it all.

BonaDea Tue 08-Apr-14 09:51:40

Thanks for the advice. Yes, I think it is a good idea to focus more on veg. He did also have some cucumber with the fruit before dinner as well as some of the tomato which was going in his omelette, but perhaps carrot / pepper / cucumber / celery would be a good alternative to some of the fruit portions.

He doesn't have any chocolate or biscuits at all - other than his birthday cake a few weeks ago now!

carolinementzer Wed 09-Apr-14 17:55:05

No problem. It sounds like he's having a lovely varied diet, and is a very happy chappy.

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