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11mo deciding milk is best - does it matter?

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trilbydoll Mon 07-Apr-14 16:45:19

DD is nearly 11mo and was eating really well, I was umming and ahhing about whether to put her afternoon bottle in a sippy cup with a view to her dropping it.

However, she started nursery 3 weeks ago, and has had a cold for about 5 weeks, since the first settling in session! This is not the same cold, and has varied in severity.

She is barely eating any solids now, and having 4 bottles! I think she gets easily distracted at nursery so food gets ignored, and obv she isn't feeling great.

Should I be worried, or put it down to new environment / cold / a bit of teething too I think and assume she will be up for solids when it all settles down?

beccajoh Mon 07-Apr-14 16:53:05

My daughter pretty much existed on milk until about 14/15 months. We started weaning at six months but she just wasn't interested at all until 10 months, and 10-14 months she pretty much only ate fruit and fish. She's 21 months now and I think would still be perfectly happy just having milk. She goes absolutely nuts when I get the milk out of the fridge! She's fine - grew normally, plenty of energy, alert, met all the milestones and so on. If you're worried give a vitamin supplement perhaps, but I think it's quite common to not want to eat when they're teething or not well.

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