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Swap rice for oats?

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BadFam1 Mon 07-Apr-14 11:36:47

Hi all
I have started weaning my 4 1/2 month ds. He was showing all the signs and just seemed ready to try some food. I gave him plain baby rice for a few days which he took well (gave at lunchtime) so last night I moved this to the before bed feed and also gave him some pear which he loved. I did however notice that since starting the solids he was pretty gassy. He has always had gas issues but he was obviously in some discomfort. He had some more pear this morning and was fine so it makes me think that he is having issues with the rice. I know it is still quite early for him so I am wondering if I should stop the rice and perhaps just continue trying him out on fruit and veggies and try rice again in a few weeks or to perhaps try an oat based cereal? I have heard people say oats are easier on their system and my ds has had constipation problems before so could the rice be clogging him up a bit?

Has anyone else experienced issues with baby rice?

ExBrightonBell Mon 07-Apr-14 16:59:54

Tbh, I can't see any benefit to your ds of weaning at 4 1/2 months.

Is he really showing signs of being ready for it? Can he sit unaided (in a high chair) and hold his head up well? Can he pick up food and bring it to his mouth himself? Can he swallow food ie has lost the tongue thrust reflex? (these are from the NHS guidance on signs of weaning)

Rather than be a reaction to rice itself, it's probably just down to your ds's digestive system still being immature. Could you not just leave it for 4 weeks or so, until he is nearer to 6 months and then try again? It's so much easier to wean them at 6 months plus as they can have pretty much anything and their digestive systems are more able to cope with solids.

But of course I don't know you and your baby so I could be completely wrong.

Artandco Mon 07-Apr-14 17:05:34

It sounds like his gut isn't ready yet. Babies are born with porus linings that solidifiy roughly in the first 6 months. His probably isnt there yet.

I would stick to just milk for another month or so. Remember Many babies have a growth spurt at this age so you might just want to increase milk feeds. Ie every 2 hrs instead of 3 or whatever

BadFam1 Mon 07-Apr-14 19:14:14

In answer to your questions, yes he can do all those things.
He was also getting to the point where he was taking 9oz bottles and still wanting more.
Since starting the food - which he takes willingly and swallows without trying to spit any out he has been much more satisfied and happy.
I know generally mumsnetters are very anti weaning before 6 months but it seemed right for my baby.

I do however agree that perhaps his gut just isn't ready for the cereals so think I will continue with the small amounts of fruit and veg - least that way he will still get to try all the new tastes etc.

Thanks for the advice

sarahbanshee Mon 07-Apr-14 19:29:44

If he was taking 9oz bottles and wanting more...why not give him more milk? Honestly, he's still quite little, he has reacted not v well to solids, why not just leave it a little while and then try again in a few weeks?

Artandco Mon 07-Apr-14 19:55:05

How often are you giving 9oz bottles? I would give 8/9oz and increase the frequency

Purée won't fill him up in comparison

Carrot - diet food
Milk - high calorie

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