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Is cocoa ok for a 6mo?

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KikiShack Sun 06-Apr-14 08:46:43

I was using up half a banana after making some nectarine puree (I've found adding a little banana helps make a smoother more pulpy puree instead of the almost unpleasantly bitty mixtures I get when I whizz up eg cherries, nectarine etc) and so as to give DD different flavours I added some pure 100% cocoa powder as well as some milk.
Separate to nectarines, just banana, milk, cocoa. It's in the freezer, then I just thought I'd check (pfb) there's no reason I can't give DD this is there? it's clearly not chocolate!! I'm being irrational. Just thought I'd check.
FYI the mixture is very tasty.

Goingcrazy888 Sun 06-Apr-14 10:17:40

It's fine at 6m. Hope she enjoys it, sounds yummy.

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