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help with establishing a feeding schedule

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starfish12 Sun 06-Apr-14 07:49:29

Ds is 6 months and I've just started to wean. Trouble is I can't seem to find a consistent time where he's responsive to food. I know they just have days where they aren't interested but it feels like he's not really taking to it. Because I've left it till 6 months from what I've read I need to be ramping up fairly quickly?

he currently has 9oz of milk at 7,11,3 and bedtime. I'd like to eventually establish his meals at 8,12 and 5. Should I stick to giving him his meals at these times and hope he'll eventually 'get it' or not worry about what time he eats and keep trying at different times of day?

He's definitely ready for food and is a big boy... 20lb and 91st centile.

I know the answer is probably every baby is different just go with your baby but I feel like we're not going anywhere!

Ive tried feeding him before, during and after milk. I just don't want to put him off by lurking with a spoon just in case hes hungry! Anyone else encounter this?!

KatAndKit Sun 06-Apr-14 08:00:26

I think you have the right idea. Six months is very early, he won't eat all that much yet. Its more about getting used to food and experimenting with it at first. Sit him down with you at 8 and 12 when you have your own breakfast and lunch, seeing you eating will help. I tried family dinner at 6ish which was fine at first but too rushed for us with DH finishing work and then getting bedtime routine started so DS has tea on his own at about 5.

You don't need to ramp up quickly. 3 meals a day is more for the 8/9 month stage.

starfish12 Sun 06-Apr-14 08:26:49

Ah ok thats good to know. My HV said he should be on 3 meals a day within 2 weeks! Its silly really I feel like ive left it too late because he's 6 months even tho thats the guidelines as all my other friends have babies wolfing down food at the same age.

bellablot Sun 06-Apr-14 08:35:12

At 6 months it's all about experimenting. IME they don't usually EAT anything substantial until between 7-12 months. Don't get anxious and don't try and over feed with these pouch things. BLW is the way forward IMO!

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