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Fussy baby, only wants sweet things, help!

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Witchywitch Sat 05-Apr-14 09:59:21

My 6 .5 month old has been on solids for a few weeks, it started relatively ok, but now he will,only eat puréed carrot, parsnip, apples and pears. He refuses porridge, potato, broccoli, cauliflower and anything else that Annabel kamel is suggesting I should be giving him. I don't want him to develop an irreversible sweet tooth, can anyone give me any advice? He also refuses breakfast entirely and I'm not sure why. Thanks x

ilovepowerhoop Sat 05-Apr-14 13:13:42

have you tried mixing the porridge with some of the fruit puree? or mixing fruit and veg together?

Witchywitch Sat 05-Apr-14 14:12:31

I've tried mixing porridge with fruit for breakfast but he just isn't interested at all at that time of the day. I hadn't tried mixing fruit with veg, as I was a bit reluctant to make the veg sweeter, in case he won't eat savoury things going forward. Am I being OTT worrying about that do you think?

Rowboat Sat 05-Apr-14 16:52:26

I would have thought so. Babies naturally prefer sweet things as milk is v sweet. dc hasn't been eating long so just keep persevering. Often it takes a lot of tries with some foods before the baby decides whether they like it or not. As long as you're not actually adding sugar and it's all natural. I'm not a.massive fan of Karmel because she goes for weird combos to get baby to eat such as cooking salmon in orange juice to sweeten it. But in recipes like this she does acknowledge that babies prefer sweet things. Don't worry too much about it, really it's early days.

AnythingNotEverything Sat 05-Apr-14 16:57:09

I think it's too early to panic. Keep offering. Volume of food taken isn't great at this age and it's more about practice.

Also, you're talking about sweet tasting fruit and veg, not cake and custard! Just relax. She'll get the hang of it soon.

Witchywitch Sat 05-Apr-14 17:49:46

Thanks all. That's really helpful, I'll keep offering and see how we get on.

AnythingNotEverything Sat 05-Apr-14 20:17:11


Sorry. I always do that and really shouldn't!

Witchywitch Sat 05-Apr-14 21:18:42

No problem :-)

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