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milk feed in a bottle or a cup?

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bshorty Tue 01-Apr-14 14:24:03

Hi all. My little boy is 10 months old and blw. I work full time on a shift pattern. When im at home my DS is breast fed and then has breakfast lunch and tea BLW with a small plastic beaker/cup of water. He holds the cup and will put it to his mouth and take mouth fulls of water and I just help him to put it down and try to prevent him knocking it over. When im at work he has formula from a bottle and is having mixed BLW and purees due to nervous grandparents with occasional sips of water when they remember. When he is at nursery 1 day a week I asked them to use the cup to give him water. Im wondering now if he Should be having his formula from a cup? Not sure how much he will actually drink and when im on nights and he has formula using a cup would be very difficult for daddy to cope with. Can anyone give me some advice?

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