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Does this sound about right to you?

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infinitemonkeys Mon 31-Mar-14 13:02:21

I've been BLWing since my LO (now 11 months old) turned 6 months, and he's always pretty much eaten what I put in front of him. I live in a country where BLW is unheard of, and there is a very strict order to what foods you can introduce when - I was almost lynched when I mentioned in the pharmacy that my baby ate hummus - apparently chickpeas and other legumes must only be introduced at exactly 12 months...

So, this has given me a bit of anxiety about making sure he gets enough nutrition. I'm still BFing on demand, which puts my mind at ease a little bit, and there was a phase about a month ago where despite being a massive spoon refuser, he let me spoon feed him things like bolognaise sauce or fish stew, but now he refuses again, so hey ho, back to full BLW.

The only thing that concerns me is that now he seems to only want to eat fruit or the sweeter veggies. I put everything onto his highchair tray, same as always, but he just picks out the things he wants to eat, and I'm a bit worried that he's not getting enough carbs as everyone here is obsessed with babies needing pasta and rice and cereal. Would anyone mind having a quick look at an average day's food for him to let me know if this looks right? Sorry for the essay.

7am wake up and breastfeed
8:30-9ish I spoonfed him cereal, usually weetabix made with 120ml of formula milk, and he eats an entire pear (cut into quarters) or a banana

11am breastfeed to sleep

Lunch at 1pm
If I make an omelette with cheese, ham and tomato and cut it into strips, he will devour it. I also give him a couple of prunes, which he loves.
I also make homemade pizzas using pitta bread, passata, cheese and ham, which he loves. These two things are the only lunch food he will definitely eat.
I've tried every form of pasta, and he refuses it. I've tried making potato croquettes, which he also refuses. If I put lots of "bits" from the fridge, so turkey ham, cheese, broccoli, and maybe some crackers, he'll eat everything but the crackers.

3pm breastfeed to sleep

Snack at 4pm
A rice cake and one of those pouches of fruit puree while he's out in his buggy

Dinner at 6pm
He used to let me spoonfeed him food, but won't now, so I give him bits of what we're having, but I think he's too full from his snack at 4pm, so tends not to each much, unless I put some fruit down for him, which he will eat (I think even if he was very full, he'd still find a way to stuff in some fruit)

7pm breastfeed to sleep

CornishYarg Mon 31-Mar-14 18:08:17

Sounds good to me. The thing I always remind myself is that all we can do is put a good variety of food in front of them, we can't make them eat it. You're giving him the option of eating different food groups so it's entirely his choice to mainly stick to fruit and vegetables. I used to find DS's phases of only really eating one food group quite interesting as I guess that was what his body needed. Fruit and vegetables have always been favoured when he's teething. You may find your son moves into a phase where he just wants carbs or protein fairly soon!

I agree that with a breastfeed at 3 and a snack at 4, he probably isn't hungry at tea. Is he really hungry for the snack or could you reduce it or cut it out altogether for a bit?

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