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starting 8month old on home food recipes please

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isitme1 Mon 31-Mar-14 10:27:40

I do give him what I have if its suitable (we eat a lot of spicy curry which im not happy with him having yet)
what easy things can I make him and how much does he need?

He used to eat 1jar plus a yoghurt 3x a day but hes now sick with baby food confused

Mrswellyboot Mon 31-Mar-14 10:35:15

Would you consider batch cooking for your baby? I have a few baby recipe books and am only starting out but you can get baby stock cubes in Boots

I am planning on making chicken casserole. You can fry a little onion, sweetcorn, celery (then blend) before adding chicken and stock

Beef stew with veg

I give baby a lit of fresh fruit. Mango strawberry

Also avocado is great,

I just give a small bit of baby cereal in the morning, one tomee tipee pot of home cooking and fruit and something small in the evening like cheese and fruit (baby six months)

isitme1 Mon 31-Mar-14 10:53:54

In the morning now hes been having half piece of toast and a baby yoghurt. Yesterday I was at mums and he had some fish claws from asda kids range

ive got nowhere to put batch food as I have a tiny freezer which is already full.
I might was the spices of chicken out of the curry and make a tiny bit if mash?

Ive never had to do this before as all dh eats is mainly curry (hes Asian and thats all his family ever ate) and I will have pasta or toast or curry.
Eldest ds never got thos far and is tube fed so this is all new to me now

thank you
Any more ideas please

KuppiKahvia Mon 31-Mar-14 11:10:36

Ok - sound to me like you need to start to plan to eat together as a family - this issue is only going to get more difficult as DS gets older.
What did children in DH's family eat? - can you talk to his mum about how to make it work.
If you're making your curry from scratch make a mild/non spiced version at the same time in a small saucepan.

If I were you I'd sit down with DH & make a list of meals that you both enjoy - focussing on those that you can adapt easily.

In your situation a larger freezer would really help - is there anyway you could accomodate one? Mine is worth its weight in gold for freezing home cooked meals - I very often make double/triple.

NiceOneCenturion Mon 31-Mar-14 11:27:53

Most of the time I tended to cook main meals for us without salt/too much spice and save a portion for the next day for the baby, so casseroles, shepherds pie, fish pie, whatever, but on days where we had something unsuitable or takeaway I would give:

Pasta mixed with melted cream cheese and peas
Fish fingers without the coating, mash and veg
Boiled chicken mixed with rice, mushrooms and courgette (baby risotto)
Scrambled eggs and toast soldiers
Baked beans and cheese on potato or with toast
Red Lentils boiled down and mixed with grated cheese and fried onion
Baked sweet potato with cream cheese
Toast with mashed avocado and cream cheese
Strips of omelette

Any meat cooked until soft and mashed into potato, rice and any of the above I might serve with assorted boiled veg either mashed or whole, or chunks of cucumber, tomato etc to gnaw on.

Hope there are some ideas there anyway.

Thanks for the thread, this has been a good reminder for me, as I have another coming up to the weaning stage in the summer better get in the Philadelphia grin

Mrswellyboot Mon 31-Mar-14 11:32:25

I would adapt what you cook for dh as you don't want to make life too hard for yourself

So just the chicken and veg though a little fresh coriander would be lovely

Also agree that you would really benefit from a large freezer, I have made lots of fruit purées and dinners

addictedtosugar Mon 31-Mar-14 11:35:28

Minus the chilli, mine have loved food with herbs and spices in from very early.
What spices do you use typically?
If its a bit strong, we have let down the flavour by mixing in yoghurt, or taken the flavoured meat out, and not given much sauce. I guess it depends on the type of curry!
DH also has chilli sauce which he adds to meals he thinks I've taken too much out of (most English things!)
I guess what I'm saying is can you adapt your current meals to suit everyone, and there is no harm in trying something a bit out there occasionally (DS1 loves mustard on roasts, for example)

isitme1 Mon 31-Mar-14 11:46:43

Im not happy with curries atm as im pregnant and cant face them. Once baby arrives and im feeling better I can make a better variety of food for us but atm pregnancy has got me down most days (suffer from difficult pregnancies due to health problems)

otherwise we do grilled foods(fish and chicken) we dont eat pork. Just a few more months of this.

Thank you got some lovely ideas. Will give him scrambled eggs with toast instead for dinner grin

littleducks Mon 31-Mar-14 11:59:37

Congratulations on the pregnancy. I know what you mean about cooking curry when pregnant, I used to really hate it.

It's salt that is the biggest worry tbh. Though this relaxes at age 1, but you will have a second one to wean shortly after!

How about marinating some meat with spices (I use tandoori masala) for the grown ups and just garlic and ginger for the baby. And then grilling.

Lentils are good for babies. Could you make dhal and add chilli and salt at the end? Salt b cakes lentils go hard so it's supposed to be added at the end anyway.

I grilled baby aubergines the other day. Feed the plain aubergine to baby as finger food (you scoop out inside) and then added the rest to a tomatoes, onion and spice bar and made curry. (Maybe dh could do that bit for you! )

isitme1 Mon 31-Mar-14 12:05:36

Thank you littleducks.
We've all suffered a lil food wise lol.
dh works long hours so not much help apart from his days off where he will cook or go out for a meal.
Someone asked about what dh family ate when they were younger
they ate chappati with butter for a while and rice.
I dont think chappati is very filling but he does eat rice when I can make it properly

littleducks Mon 31-Mar-14 12:36:33

I worry about chapati alone being nutritious enough. I do sometimes make paratha with yoghurt and salad whereas the grown ups would have curry.

But my dh was brought up having just the car pay off the meal when he was too small for curried things.

isitme1 Mon 31-Mar-14 12:40:36

Car pay off?

His dad gives him everything to eat apart from spicy food so he will give him some paratha to eat and last night it was falooda lol.
For dinner hes had omlette and bread not much as he was gagging and waa going to be sick (hes a lil poorly with his chest atm so have to be careful )

addictedtosugar Mon 31-Mar-14 12:51:56

Suspect thats "carb part of"

Totally get not cooking curry when pregnant. Ignore my post!

In which case, yes, mine also love eggs - scrambled, or egg and cress sandwich having grown their own cress ( your 6 months off this possibility).
Also, jacket potatoes cut onto wedges with tuna or cheese.
The grilled meat/fish sounds lovely. What about the remains of your dinner the night before, cut up with come carbs and veg/salad?

isitme1 Mon 31-Mar-14 16:58:59

Im still giving 1 baby jar a day so hes topped up so hes tolerated that now.

Tomorrow dinner will be a tuna sandwich or even a tuna toastie with fruit and yoghurt?

Hmm any more ideaa don't want to be giving the samw things all the time

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