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help! spoon refuser (teething related?)

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Christelle2207 Sun 30-Mar-14 14:35:32

Hi- DS is 8 months and was doing very well with purees- started at Christmas and since early Feb has been on three meals a day and eating a wide variety of stuff. Until this last week when suddenly he has started refusing the spoon, initially for about one meal a day but since yesterday has stopped completely and this morning cried when dh tried to put him in his chair and later, when nowhere near the high chair cried when I offered him a spoon with fromage frais on (which he loves). Last night we got him to eat some puree from my fingers (v messy) but today won't do that either.

Our only thought is that he has (we think) had lots of teething pain this week (certainly has been grumpy for some reason) and perhaps my persistence to get him to have a few mouthfuls has put him right off (because it hurt to eat?) Even though we don't think he's in pain when we actually try to get him to eat now (though possibly he was earlier in the week). What can we do?! Thankfully is having his bottles OK. Is this just a phase possibly associated with teething?

The bizarre thing is he will still tolerate finger foods (put in his mouth- finger dexterity and hand-eye coordination not good enough to feed himself)- so he has munched/gnawed on some Ellas kitchen "puffits" (cereal balls), batons of cucumber and pear, rice cakes though actually eaten very little. Do I need to go down the blw route from now on? I really would like to get him back on spoons if poss because a. I can't cope with the mess and b. He goes to nursery soon and will be spoonfed there.

Help! For now we are not going to out him in the chair or offer spoons at all as he clearly has some kind of negative association going on...

LindsayS79 Mon 31-Mar-14 07:55:49

I can't be of much help I'm afraid, but just thought I'd let you know that my 8 month old is exactly the same.
I know for a fact that she's teething so I'm hoping it's just a blip. I'm continuing to try feeding her though, even though it's such a waste! I think she's using the finger foods to knaw on. I just wish she would swallow some of the bloody stuff in the process lol!!

Christelle2207 Mon 31-Mar-14 08:09:04

Hi Lindsay, at least it's not just this one. Friends with older babies say it might just be a phase- I really hope so. My ds gnaws on cucumber, don't think he really eats it though. I had some success feeding him mashed banana straight from my hands but omg it was so messy!

LindsayS79 Mon 31-Mar-14 22:18:56

I tried feeding with my fingers today.. Not a success! However she actually swallowed some banana and avocado when given as finger foods!!
I'm going to keep trying with the purées and finger food with the hope if getting something down her!
Her cheeks are burning so I'm trying to convince myself it's teething!

Christelle2207 Tue 01-Apr-14 09:10:52

Mine def not in pain but was last week- I gave him a "buffet" last night of bread, cheese, rice cakes, cooked carrot, banana and cucumber. A heck of a mess but he enjoyed it and a s amount went down (I think)- turns out he likes trying to feed himself with the spoon so i covered it in yoghurt and let him get on with it and he enjoyed trying to get it in his mouth. This is progress but omg I cant deal with that method 3 times a day! I sneaked in some spoons into his mouth when he was distracted but he again clamped his mouth shut for cereal this morninghmm

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