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What the hell do I feed him?

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TheNightIsDark Fri 28-Mar-14 17:56:18

DS2 is almost 7 months. I've puréed many many foods for him. Most are met with disgust except apple and pear. He would eat toast all day but I've tried giving him cooked veg sticks and he won't have them.

He has an interest in food. Evident as he stole a sausage of my plate the other day and chomped a bite of that before I could wrestle it from him blush

He will eat Ella's kitchen pouches but I didn't want to resort to jars and the like.

Can anyone inspire me please? I don't mind if it's purée inspiration or BLW ideas. I'm desperate!

andadietcoke Fri 28-Mar-14 18:05:33

My two are 7 months tomorrow and they have had this week:
Ella's Kitchen 'meal' pouches
Greek yoghurt with Ella's Kitchen fruit pouches mixed in
Green beans
Rice cake thins
Cheese sticks
Jam/Philadelphia on toast (baked not toasted)
Puréed whatever we've had
Weetabix (didn't go down at all with one baby though)
Sweet potato wedges

Apart from the weetabix they've eaten everything, although the finger food stuff has variable success. It keeps them entertained though!

Minnieisthedevilmouse Fri 28-Mar-14 18:13:18

Why if he ate the sausage did you wrestle it from him? Just wondering

Tbh I didn't give either dd food. I made mine. Waited til they interested and gave it to them. Some they eat some they don't but if it's mine, it's going down. Every time.

Jellymum1 Fri 28-Mar-14 18:20:11

google anna karmel (I think) recipes. my daughter loved them and we could feed the whole family on the food but just pureed dd's. she loved the braising steak and sweet potato (and so did we).

summerlovingliz Fri 28-Mar-14 18:20:58

Try puréed carrot or parsnip mixed with the apple or pear

TheNightIsDark Fri 28-Mar-14 18:23:20

Because I didn't know if he could have sausage. And we were out for breakfast so didn't know salt content etc.

Heading to tesco later so will get some of the suggestions. Thanks smile

Magmar Fri 28-Mar-14 18:28:58

Have you considered blw? You pretty much just give them what you're having within reason smile

TheNightIsDark Fri 28-Mar-14 18:42:03

Does it matter if they don't eat it all with BLW? Do they just figure out a spoon at some point?
If I made a roast chicken for instance could he have meat and potatoes?

Sorry I'm really clueless about BLW!

TittyBojangles Fri 28-Mar-14 18:54:51

Basically just give him a bit of what your having. Just watch the salt. They get all they need from milk still so it doesn't matter how much they eat it's all about trying new stuff.

Minnieisthedevilmouse Fri 28-Mar-14 20:37:49

Amazon. There's a book on blw. Sorry that makes it sound so hard..... It's scary first time. It's fine. It's just food. Not rocket science. He won't choke. They have a very good reflex. And let them play with kids cutlery at about 10+ mths.

If your careful on most other things, one sausage is fine. I remember being very uptight first time and all organic. Second time it's what's there. Sorry. I'm trying to be helpful not not.... Enjoy! It's the best time they eat!

Also btw don't get bogged down by breakfast. Any taste at any meal is great. They don't know veg n cold meat isn't a uk breakfast. Also gravy makes the medicine go down, not sugar ha ha!

Minnieisthedevilmouse Fri 28-Mar-14 20:39:33

My dd growled at me when I tried to take a lamb bone (chop) off her at 6mths. Growled!!! I will never forget it. Makes me laugh now!

Brackla Tue 01-Apr-14 16:58:40

My DS is 9 months, we started BLW at 6mo and let him have the spoon if it was food like thick yogurt or mashed fruit. He wasn't up for being fed so I let him get on with it. But he just wasn't really eating much that way and although I'm not bothered how much he eats at this age, I wanted to try and make sure he was at least tasting lots of different foods so I started chunkyish purees about a month ago and now we do a mix of finger food (usually roast veg, toast fingers, chunks of orange, tomato, mango and melon with the skin on for grip) and thick purees which are now turning more into forked mashes. This week he has started accepting chopped up pasta mixed in with the puree or a sauce (I did roast peppers and onion mashed up with chopped tomatoes) and homemade rice pudding, so I'm going to try making a veggie risotto later this week.

I'd recommend the River Cottage book for ideas on mixed purees then for other meals that the whole family can eat, it has how to make it baby friendly and how to keep everyone else happy smile

TheNightIsDark Tue 01-Apr-14 17:15:14

Thanks everyone. So far we have tried roast potatoes, carrots, parsnips, err Yorkshire pudding (possibly his best day ever!), apple and broccoli.

Tonight he shall be having sweet potato chips with DS1 and some carrots and green beans. I fully expect him to be after DS1s sausage roll though!

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